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  1. Thank you very much for the many links that were provided for me to view, and thank you all for the great responses. ObjectivistMathematician Thank you for bringing up those two nonfiction works by Ayn Rand, which I've read sometime ago, but that was when everything was so new to me and I was trying to absorb so much. I need to re-read those and take more notes. The passage on forming concepts was so helpful. Obviously though, I haven't applied what I had read, I only understand so little, according to the spiral theory of knowledge. It will be great to re-read those books a second time. patrik 7-2321 I had listened to several of Binswanger's tapes, which were very helpful to me. I had not heard of Jean Moroney and her "thinking tactics", so thank you for mentioning her. "The Art of Thinking" by Leonard Peikoff, yes! I think this is what I really need to listen to. I'll surely look into renting or purchasing it. aequalsa Yes, word economy seems like good practice to simplify my writing. Thank you. I had read a critical thinking book by Carl Sagan, which I really enjoyed, so I'll look into the book you suggested, "How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age". 2046 I've bookmarked Barbara Branden's "efficient thinking" course, which looks very helpful. I haven't read thoroughly into books on logic, so thanks for those links. softwareNerd I do take many notes on ideas that I have, but I've yet to edit any of them. Perhaps by editing my writings I can further simplify my ideas through practice. "Strunk and White" is a short read, which I have bookmarked and will check it out for sure. Thanks! West I'll read Pullum's article in conjunction with "S&W" then, and thank you for the link to Amazon. Improving grammar can only help to improve my thinking.
  2. Hello, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would suggest reading material about how to better ones thinking. The errors in my thinking lead to contradictions in my mind that often bother me, and also too, my thinking it too complicated and not simple. It is a bother not only to me, but to my listeners and readers as well. My goal is to convey my ideas as simple as possible. I do want to think,write,speak and create in a simple way. Thank you
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