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    I have recently discovered Ayn Rand and the Objectivist approach to life. The realization that I have accepted a false morality most of my life has not been enjoyable ... but awakening to the concept of a life without guilt has quickly dwarfed those feelings of regret. The future has purpose again.
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  1. In terms of Capitalism vs. Marxism, how does Marxism provide justice? Simply because an idealogy defines its own terms for justice and abides by its own rules, this does not make it "justice" in terms of reality. History provides ample, tangible evidence that Marxism cannot and does not protect individual rights. Instead, it demands individual sacrifice for the greater good of the whole, which can be seen as nothing but immoral and contrary to any concept of justice. Without individual rights, justice cannot exist. Regarding the idea of the spillover of value generated by a successful b
  2. tygorton

    What is love?

    Love is embracing/protecting that which we value, as others have stated above. This means that love can be either positive or negative on extreme ends of the spectrum, and everything in between. If a person's adopted philosophy (whether conscious or, as stated above as being more common, subconscious) places value on virtue, that love will express itself positively. If an individual's philosophy places value on vice, it would be negative. People tend to choose who they love based on their own self-image. Someone who, for whatever collection of reasons, thinks lowly of themselves, oft
  3. Note: This is a recent post on my blog. The purpose of the blog is more or less personal immersion in Objectivist thought. By engaging the philosophy on a regular basis in order to write these essays, I am working to replace a lifetime of errant philosophy with Objectivism. My total acceptance of Objectivist ideas as truth is only the beginning of a long process by which the end goal is to completely rid myself of emotionism when it comes to making decisions in my life. I do not claim to be an expert on Objectivism and these essays are personal explorations/expressions of my growing underst
  4. Ha! Can't argue there. Poop on toast is "art" if someone chooses to place it in a gallery setting. I submit that accepting this kind of pretentiousness as art is about as appealing as, well, eating such an installation would be.
  5. I agree with that, the presentation of the Ayn Rand Campus is ambitious and innovative. It is clear from the emails I received, however, that removing the site after a week due to technical issues was not part of the game plan. I am not trying to diminish the offering. I suppose it is more of a personal frustration because I had marked my calendar and was excited about plowing through the available courses. Any time you are releasing an interactive product with a high potential for glitches, there should be an apple testing period before any kind of open/public release. Why amp up the p
  6. That's an interesting notion, that artists get "paid" Many of history's greatest artists never rose above poverty in their lifetimes. The iconic notion of the "starving artist" is certainly cliche, but like most cliches, it has a foundation of truth. If artists only made art when they were getting paid for it, I'd imagine we'd have 75% less art in the world today.
  7. Agreed. The only way to "fight" altruism is to bring the alternative to life one individual at a time. Fighting any idea head on, especially one so deeply rooted, typically ends in failure. Only the successful implentation of a superior alternative can snap people out of their stupor. Art is without question one of the most powerful ways to influence individuals. Objectivist art is the greatest tool available to opening the human mind to its own potential. I have several art projects underway in my local town that feature Objectivist concepts. If there is to be a viable movement, I b
  8. In order to fight against the concept of altruism, reason must fight against hundreds of years of artwork that has worked to romanticize the notion of self-sacrifice. How many films project the lone hero sacrificing everything to save others (often total strangers)? Human beings have been sold the idea that the very essence of their existence IS bound up in the bitter-sweet irony that, despite their greatest efforts, they cannot possibly achieve the highest level of altruism. The important thing to grasp is that it is this precise fact, that a purely altruistic human CANNOT exist, which
  9. I understood that this was a beta release. There is a big difference between a "beta release" and "beta testing". The former is something that is 95% or more ready for public consumption. Essentially, a beta release is something the producers are very confident in and expect to discover only very minor things that need tweaking. The latter (a beta test) is something that is typically done behind the scenes by a group of people specifically signed on to test the product. At the beta testing stage, the product is not ready for public release because there is a high expectation of bugs and c
  10. I was looking forward to going through the available courses. Unfortunately, the campus has been shut down for now due to technical issues etc. This goes beyond being dissapointing for me as an individual (I was in the middle of a course when I received the notification that the campus would be taken down). Before the campus "opened", the page featured a countdown to its release date which is something you do to build excitement for a project. I received several emails about the campus over the course of a month from ARI. The fact that the campus was not ready for public consumption, de
  11. I did read through many of Jacob's post before entering the discussion and came across the points you bring up above. However, I need to point out that what you offer above does not apply to Jacob's "justified reasons for believing they [the supposed underlying axioms] are universally true". All he has offered is why he believes the Objectivist approach does not have any ground to stand on in regard to these so called axioms. He has neatly kept his "justified reasons" for believing in absolutes to himself.
  12. First, brian is right in his succint statement above. In terms of an ethical question (should I lie in order to gain employment), you must analyze the long term implications of your actions. The fact that you are wrestling with this question at all means that the long term impact pyschologically will be negative. If you haven't already, read Ayn Rand's "Virtue of Selfishness". In essence, any decision you make that harms your self esteem would be an immoral act. Without self esteem there can only be depression. Second, I am sure that if you were to objectively analyze your own efforts
  13. I do not believe Objectivist Epistemology deals in axioms, and I stated my reason in the above post via metaphor. At the most fundamental level, life has only one purpose: to survive. All absolutes within the universe are arranged to offer life that opportunity. Perception is every living oranism's means of survival. If any organism, whether it be an insect, lion, or human being, were unable to hold absolutes based upon their perception, survival would be impossible. A great example of a human being who was unable to use their sensory perception, as Ayn Rand points out in "Philosoph
  14. If a person threatens to press the glowing red tip of an iron poker against your face, would you stop to consider that perhaps it is only your "perception" that makes the iron dangerously hot? No. You would protect yourself as needed each and every time. Perception exists first and foremost as a necessity of survival. The moment human beings mastered nature and rendered survival much less difficult and time consuming, the human mind had more time to turn its powers of perception toward intellectual study. If A can at any time NOT be A, this means that there is a probability that the
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