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  1. The most common reasons for being a survivalist are: Economic collapse Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, fire Draught for several years Pandemics NBC warfare Complete electronics failure, and the panic that will result (possible 2013 solar storm) With oil getting more difficult to extract with each passing year, lack of oil and insufficient transportation of food( and everything ), also the riots it will cause. Global warming Ice age Zombies IMHO, it is not that irrational for being able to live off the grid.
  2. So, what do you think about survivalism and disaster preparedness(natural, war, economic, biological, TEOTWAWKI(The End Of The World As We Know It) Both long and short term. Short term would usually mean having few weeks of food and water in the house, bug out bag, staying in shape, etc... Long term would mean months if not decades. That would include growing your own food and protecting it, or having means to do so when necesary, having a shelter, BOL(bug out location) if you live in a city, knowledge of hunting, fishing, bushman skills and so on. So, what is your opinion on being prepared for disasters, and being able to survive off the grid and without walmart.
  3. Reidy, your posted a comment and you did not even watch the whole video. Is that an "emotional" response on your side? The video claims that libertarians have emotional responses when presented with facts that threaten their "libertarian world view" and that they cannot apply reason when looking at things they disagree with. Also, why is it relevant if americans don't "believe" in global warming? :sarcasm: The majority of americans are very reasonable people :sarcasm: Sorry to be offensive, didn't mean to .
  4. Did anyone read these? They are very good reads, i suggest them.
  5. Which of this is simpler? 1- Teh Flying Spaghetti Monster is pushing all the things down and that is what we like to call gravity(midgets are blessed people) 2- Some mumbo jumbo that implies that objects of bigger mass attract other objects, which is made up by people who do not even know what mass is. Also, they put parallel universes in our own to explain their rotten theory. Btw, another evidence of GW is the reducing number of pirates Now, ofcourse i am joking I'm saying that raw data shows increase in CO2 and other GH gasses, and increase in temperature while the index of Sun's radiation is decreasing. Also, increase in hurricanes. Now why is that happening, and what does that mean, THAT is where things get complicated.
  6. I did not even try to demonstrate the second one >.<
  7. There are perfectly good proofs for GW. There are perfectly good proofs aginst man made GW. Objectively making a conclusion on the topic for a casual man is almost impossible
  8. Interesting... Sadly, it is a game of authority...
  9. It seems that i caused a misunderstanding. Yes, i have read The Selfish Gene. My point was that there is much more to evolution that one might think. For example evolutionary driven feeling. This might be an awkward expression, but please bear with me since English is not my first language. For example sex. Sex is uber awesome because if it wasn't uber awesome people/animals would not fuck and will not reproduce and in result will not have offspring and their genes will die. Same thing applies with happiness, love, fear, selfishness, altruism etc... If you have a problem(bad expression i know) with altruism in evolution, and altruism being COMPLETELY irrational(we are talking evolution), feel free to tell me your reasons, i will hear you out . Btw, read something about altruism in evolution and epigenetics , very interesting reads
  10. TBH 99.99% of most peoples actions are determined by our history. Our feelings are driven by evolution. You physicaly feel good when helping other people. That is because of the "reward hormones" system put there by our evolutionary history, even though those systems do not serve their intended function anymore. You can also donate goods, be it money, time or knowledge because it is the right thing to do philosophically and morally, but who the hell has that motive anyways ? FYI if you are wondering, i am pro rational altruism. For now...
  11. I am in the same position as Atlas Think of this You make a computer strong enough and physics simulation software advanced enough, then enter ALL THE DATA in it, would you, or would you not, be able to predict one persons behavior? Or anything that ever happens ultimately. If no(most common opinion) explain why please(free will).
  12. Society gets stronger and more potent. That is why people feel good when helping other people. Society gets stronger and more potent, resulting in more likely survival and reproducing of its members==>evolutionary advantage. IMHO that is why people help each other.
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