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    I have been a student of Objectivism for 40+ years. I enjoy hiking, reading, motorcycling and animal training.
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    I have read everything available on Objectivism and have most in my personal, home library.

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  1. I reread your original post and can't tell if you have shared the two main points with the potential client: 1) You have already done the research 2) His budget is insufficient If you share both those pieces of information and the client wishes to move forward, that is his/her choice and I would sell him step one. Possibly there is value to the client just having the research done and documented, with no intent to move forward. If your boss does not want you to share that information with the client, you, as an objectivist, should not want to work there. As an aside, I will share with you that I have lost several jobs for being outspoken and sticking to my principles. Without exception, I have been better off in the long run each time, even though it has been scary initially. One other point - How you present this to the boss is very important. If you appear to just be arguing you have little chance of getting the boss to see your point. As Greebo detailed earlier, you are trying to look out for the best interest of both companies; try to get your boss to see that.
  2. Hope this is appropriate here, if not feel free to move or delete it. Anyone on this forum ride a motorcycle? I suppose a motorcycle could be called an "other place"! ☺ I ride a Road King Classic. It is my primary mode of transportation. I ride all year (unless there is black ice). I'd be interested in getting together for a ride a beer and some intellectually stimulating conversation.
  3. I don't think this is exactly what you had in mind, but how about recruiting from other forums? I actually found this forum while searching for information on agnosticism. There is an intelligent young person on a libertarian forum with whom I have been discussing agnosticism. He is a huge fan of Rothbard and insists that a negative can be proven, and that since I can't prove flying purple turtles do not exist then by coming to the conclusion that they do not, proves that I have faith. Why not "troll" other forums for candidates, like my "agnostic, young friend"? As regards the moderation of forums, I must admit that I have had bad experiences on other forums with overzealous moderators who act as if they have never had power before and let it go to their heads. I have not been on this forum long enough to know if that happens here or not, but I did sense some defensiveness in regard to Jonathan 13's seemingly reasonable suggestion.
  4. Being new to this forum, I am struck with the civility displayed as compared to other forums I've frequented. As I was reading this thread it reminded me of a phrase from the bible, Exodus 3:12, "Ehyeh asher ehyeh" or "I am that I am".
  5. It was college age for me, but I was in the Navy. I read "Atlas Shrugged" and it has changed my life. I had always rejected the idea of a deity, rebelled against what I considered oppressive (though I doubt I knew the word at the time) government, and had a strong sense of self and individual rights. I was energized and relieved to discover that I was not as "alone" as I had thought.
  6. Hello, I enjoy philosophy, but suffer from intransigence, which I fight as best I can. I consider Ayn Rand one of the greatest thinkers of all time and appreciate the way her works have helped me define a philosophy. I live in Washington and enjoy hiking, reading, gardening, motorcycling and animal training. As a long time student of Objectivism, I hope to enjoy this forum as I continue to learn.
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