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  1. Old topic, but I have some thoughts, that I wondered what you think of. As for writing systems, I think something like Hangul is interesting, but it needs perfection. If you were to make a (logical) a priori vocabulary, how would you do that? Morphemes based on characteristics of an object like cow=muelle=sound+animal-suffix? Is there such a thing as a typology that is indefectable? What kind do you think is least ambiguous? I've read "Lojban's" should be explicit, but I don't like the language. I wonder why so few language have both an exclusive and an inclusive "we".
  2. So what do you think I should do with my self-esteem?
  3. Thank you for answering. That's right, I felt more "comfortable" with "hiding" it, so I didn't gave it much thought. I don't exactly know what to answer. I "feel" that I have several interests, but I'm just not aware of them. Or that I haven't discovered my "approach", "creativity", "purpose" or "passion". "Academically" I guess maybe philosophy, economics and linguistics (grammar never interested me, though), but certainly more. I don't have any particular hobbies. I've thought about what I think my strength is, but it's difficult to explain. This was the best I could come up with
  4. I have some idea to an invented language. I want a smarter language, that will make life better. Why is a word like "Attention" so long? Attention is something you need to say quickly. It's about ms, but I just think that it's stupid. I think some words on Italian have better expressions. Mostly adjectives. I think "Fantastico" express my judgments better than "Fantastic". Or delizioso instead of delicious. I also want to simplify the language, and change the words to fewer letters and consonants and spelled the way you pronounce it. Why isn't "Symmetrical" even symmetrical? Certa
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