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  1. Old topic, but I have some thoughts, that I wondered what you think of. As for writing systems, I think something like Hangul is interesting, but it needs perfection. If you were to make a (logical) a priori vocabulary, how would you do that? Morphemes based on characteristics of an object like cow=muelle=sound+animal-suffix? Is there such a thing as a typology that is indefectable? What kind do you think is least ambiguous? I've read "Lojban's" should be explicit, but I don't like the language. I wonder why so few language have both an exclusive and an inclusive "we".
  2. So what do you think I should do with my self-esteem?
  3. Thank you for answering. That's right, I felt more "comfortable" with "hiding" it, so I didn't gave it much thought. I don't exactly know what to answer. I "feel" that I have several interests, but I'm just not aware of them. Or that I haven't discovered my "approach", "creativity", "purpose" or "passion". "Academically" I guess maybe philosophy, economics and linguistics (grammar never interested me, though), but certainly more. I don't have any particular hobbies. I've thought about what I think my strength is, but it's difficult to explain. This was the best I could come up with: "Artistic intuition" toward determining creations/designs. How would you describe your strength? Maybe I have some good/important/relevant things to say about myself, but I don't know what to introspect about.
  4. I have some idea to an invented language. I want a smarter language, that will make life better. Why is a word like "Attention" so long? Attention is something you need to say quickly. It's about ms, but I just think that it's stupid. I think some words on Italian have better expressions. Mostly adjectives. I think "Fantastico" express my judgments better than "Fantastic". Or delizioso instead of delicious. I also want to simplify the language, and change the words to fewer letters and consonants and spelled the way you pronounce it. Why isn't "Symmetrical" even symmetrical? Certain words could be like what the word actually mean. Short with few letters e.g., however you can't do that with all words, of course. There could be more vowels. I'm dane. We have æ, ø and å. Æ is ey with only the very first sound you make, just like in "Able". Ø is just like eau in France, but again, with the very first sound. Å is like oh or even O, because O isn't even pronounced as an O. Why do c, q, x and z exist? What do you think on invented language? Is it a bad idea for me, to work on this? Do you have any ideas? What do you think of those?
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