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  1. I joined this forum to get some insight on dating an objectivist. After meeting this man and forming our friendship, ideas, etc. I discover his values and virtues to be an objectivist. I find it very interesting to learn and never shy away from discovering new things. I enjoy learning from his values on objectivism, and clearly have a long way to go before I gain a vast knowledge of it. We do get along great and have the best time together, however philosophy gets to be a bit overwhelming for myself. My question is how do I date an objectivist when I am not? I welcome the challange with each question that is fired at me and answer truthfully. The "drilling" does get tiresome at times and sometimes I may not have an answer for things. I'm okay with it, he is not. We do not agree on all aspects of subject matter. We will agree to disagree, but he continues to right "his" right and trys to presude me to his beliefs. So if we disagree, why can't we agree that we view them differently and move on? Any ideas or tips on dating the objectivist? Dating someone different is not going to happen, we like eachother too much. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and respond.
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