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    French, philosophy, Paris, women, art, reading, books, ebooks, sci-fi ebooks, steam punk

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    I am an Artist, Novelist and Objective Philosopher.
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    Been through many years of adopting Objectivsm as a philosophy. I know it inside and out. My novel, VESPER HELIOTROPIC, about a young girl growing up the utterly anti-conceptual future - is a dire tour de force of what as a generation we have gone through, carrying many resonating Objectivist themes. Www.VesperHelioTropic.com
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    Artist, Novelist, Philosopher

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  1. ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! Hey I made a new site called Objective Philosophy dot com! Anyone who has an interest in 'objective' thinking aka - Ayn Rand, Paul Boghossian, even Chomsky, even writers like Agatha Cristy and Charles De Gaulle...but I have over 400 unique visitors I can spread anyone's writing or comments to. www.ObjectivePhilosophy.com

  2. DerGoG RD AUTO Message -3096: 1, Octobre 10:10(PM) 2077 - CAMBIAN-Dulles International Airport, Maryland, VA Main-Line USC - CAMBIAN - CITY/INTRA-SUBURBAN ‘Border Crust’ Territory. “Mommy, why are we here on Earth?” Pam was fighting her purse for its items. “To go on Holidays honey, I told you five times already.” Her mother then sat on the long imitation black leather Airbench facing toward the inside of the Airport. Rachael faced the outside, pressing her hands against the massive sheet of NeauGlass extending down the long Airhallway full of bustling people. She was looking at where the rows of the last DerGoG Jets would scramble before takeoff. DerGoG was the very last of commercial air flight in North America and the EU. This was the very last day of the very last planes people would pay money for. They’d fallen into a small lottery winning that offered ‘One Last Ride’ on the famous DerGoG line. It originally had been from a friend of theirs that couldn’t make it out of losing his wife to cancer that just happened to fall on that very week. He had given them the tickets, being a long time friend, the all expenses paid vacation courtesy of Bitzeri Inc. “Mommy...” “Yesss.” “Those are planes?” “Yes. The very last of them.” “What mom?” “Never mind sweetie. I just want to go somewhere before next year when...They’re grounding the planes indefinitely, it’s the Economy you know...” Rachael didn’t understand this part. Her mom had said it as if she were talking to herself. “What are those engines out there?” The statement made her mom wince. “Well-ah, sweetheart, you’re right, they’re engines. They make the plane go.” “Monstrous.” Rachael exclaimed. Rachael had been using that word a lot lately. It was her new favorite. She’d heard her father using it about something she could not quite remember. “What’s the plane made of?” “...Ah, well, um, metal I guess Rachael.” Her mom was still gazing at a women’s magazine. “No, I bet it’s CombI-Una material,” said Rachael. The Company Name was already familiar to her at that age. The tone had been endearing and yet...fanatical. “You might just be right, Rach, now I have your Monkey and your Kitty.” Pam leaned over to hand her daughter her two ‘Cutie-Toys.’ “How does it go mom!?” “Oh I don’t know Rachael, can we just concentrate on where we’re going?” Pause. “How far is the sun mommy?” “A million miles away sweetie,” she said dismissively, flicking to the next page. She’d remembered and said it the old way. Miles. Miles away. No. NO! “Light years mom, light years! Then we can start all over again.” In that instant, Pam knew what true Terror could be. Read More at: http://VesperHelioTropic.com
    1. Neal Cormier

      Neal Cormier

      This is my new Objective Philosophy (dedicated) website, built by me for individuals who want to convene on a different kind of Objective Philosophically oriented thinking.

  3. Interesting question. I've thought on this a lot in fact... I think that neither are. They both knew they needed Chinese slave labor to grow, as did everyone that need to compete in our fascist US of A. On the other hand, they were great visionaries and innovators. I think both of these men, however possibly in greatly equal degrees, cut corners, lied cheated and stole as much as the next man, in that they let the ends justify the means. -Neal Cormier Artist - Novelist - Philosopher www.NealCormier.com www.VesperHelioTropic.com IMAGE TEXT: ((((((("Somewhere in the distance of the French City, was Mrs. Damiand, Johanna, ruminating lightly in her waking hours." “I remember when skyscrapers used to stand high..." -Byebye Oh My, Chapter 28 © Copyright Vesper Heliotropic 2011 All Rights Reserved Vesper Heliotropic Book I. CRYSTAL TURBINES by Neal Aaron Cormier is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License )))))))
  4. “Because you do not absorb your enemies...” http://nealcormier.wordpress.com/ http://www.VesperHelioTropic.com © Copyright Vesper Heliotropic 2011 All Rights Reserved Vesper Heliotropic Book I. CRYSTAL TURBINES by Neal Aaron Cormier is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/
  5. Edwin, on 04 August 2011 - 01:50 AM, said: Do the following rights exist? Or are they needs misunderstood as rights? 1. the right to anonymity. 2. the right to "not being recognized/identified without consent". 3. the right to privacy. Recently German government banned Facebook's use of face recognition for auto tagging. They & others cited the above rights as justification. I am wondering whether what the German government did is moral. I think not. The right to not have one's face recognized is one's own choice. And should be one's own. And I think that the answer is software that can automate the work we would do as individual's to help our own plight, i.e. choose yay or nay to a given pop-up as it is expressed on the web. In terms of Rand's Objectivist philosophy, there is no right to have a government that is our Nanny. First and foremost, but not as first-causality necessarily. It falls right under the right to own one's own store or shop I would say, online or otherwise. This is all akin to our choice to be able to designate smoking or non at a restaurant. I thoroughly agree that it is the right of the shop owner to choose whether his shop is smoking or non. In the perfect laisée faire model safety would come from variety. The same reason that Monopolies are impossible according to Objectivism. The Cultural Take: On the other hand, advertisers understand cultural context and environment. That said, they know how much the: 'technically speaking' kind of consumer behavior is what builds their businesses. Yeah, sure, we are able to choose, but under what conditions? Most consumer statistics reveal that behind the scenes we are actually making very different choices than how we'd like to be seen. We as objectivists and Objectivists, want to be seen as 'Heroic Volitional Animals,' but are we always? Should we really be that OCD? Those same business stats btw, are pretty clear that most of us, most of our lives, are making some very foolhardy decisions pretty routinely in terms of online agreements and popups etc. Which are very important a lot of the time. We have a responsibility not to be lazy, too. But if we're talking about our interaction with the web in any typical modern setting (my self and voice now excepted being an Art & Author Entrepreneur that receives Inspiration all day every day ) we as average Americans need to come to terms with this life, question it and get a new perspective on it I think. I mean, we are typically (I've waited tables for 15 years for instance) engaged in a world and life of slimmed down 'me-time' individual time and space, which is pretty much not our choosing and have very little time these days under the 9-5 superstructure (of human slavery), especially when you are the typical American: married with children in some fashion or other. The choice to pre-designate by law and in ethics be good to be a choice, private or non, and may be ours to make, but in what, like 3.5 seconds or less?? (the average person's attention span in terms of an agreement pop-up). And how many choices like that do we make on the web per day? Hundreds if not thousands if we are businessmen and perhaps I'd gander in the 60's for the average American. Did I mention that the web is mine and many other people's sole source of income? So, in conclusion the answer to this question under this blog or 'probe,' to my point of view, (being objectivist and Not 'Objectivist') --is that Rights, since they do not exist in reality, (save absolute Reality) must be invented to produce the designated desirable outcomes. What is that outcome? If it is peace we aim for, I would say: no it is not the right of the government to make maladaptive laws for behavior that, if it were our choice, would not erode the pursuit of freedom from beaurocratic side-effects. Such is typical of maladaptive law (i.e. Socialism rather than having the balls to be a straight-up Communist). On the other hand once again, we should also engage in software that protects us and makes 'Philosophy Level' decisions like Facebook's auto-camming feature, automatically. I am only imagining that this software exists. But hey, we're living in fantastic, exponential times, right? Anything you imagine in terms of Tech is likely to exist in some form or other. One day I looked down at my watch, the one my fiancé bought me. It was Dior. And so sleek that I didn't even realize I was really looking at a dial-in and my own love's face was staring back at me. Literally. It was a Dior-Watch-Video Phone. Screw rings.
  6. What is the single root, meaning absolutely fundamental reason why force is not permissible in prevention of logically inevitable greater harm? As I am basically still an Objectivist in many ways, although I must say in lieu of your (and my own) terms and conditions (which I read yours) I am not anymore completely able to call myself one. This is my disclaimer. However, I think and therefore feel that it is appropriate as it is necessary to challenge each other through devil's advocacy wherever we can so that we never get 'soft.' Therefore, a polemics exercise must be declared, but can be such a great way of argumentative brain-storming and imaginative deductions as well as inductions. That is why I propose the above question as if I were an advocate of Fascism. Dig? Anyone interested in rounds of mental sword play, please comment! BTW: My next eBook is very much in line with this kind of devil's advocacy, both in intent as well marketing and production. I'd like to therefore, share it: MY STRUGGLE (new Philosophical Treatise - eBook Im writing) http://www.vesperhel...per-heliotropic
  7. Hello! I am an Artist and Novelist. My book, VESPER HELIOTROPIC, is a dire tour de force of what as a generation we have gone through, carrying many resonating Objectivist themes. Www.VesperHelioTropic.com
  8. It's hard to say, she really doesn't have a whole lot of physical description in the way of material attraction...
  9. I personally believe the economy is simply restructuring due to the Internet and related Tech. This is pretty normal. The same thing happened with Radio (FDR and Hitler) and TV, (The Beatles, Vietnam). What's really happening is that Technology by ts nature, replaces manual labor. That is why the masses, as well central authority are ultimately doomed.
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