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  1. Also, and this is a band that grew out of that grunge movement - the post-Nirvana thing - but their newest album is a great departure from the pessimism of their previous albums:

    Silverchair's Young Modern. Diorama was their album before Young Modern and starts the move towards this new outlook. The whole of Young Modern is very triumphant and complex. Taken as a whole, it's almost a concept album without the traditional markings of one (eg. all the songs are distinct from one another but tell pieces of a similar story).just my $0.05 (inflation's a b*tch!)

  2. I think the greatest anthem of self-respect out there right now is "Love Song" by Sara Bareilis. Not only is it amazing lyrically, it is also so profoundly different from most modern music melodically as well. If objectivism is to formulate a standard for music, it should start there.

    I find much of Sara's music to be quite uplifting and empowered. I think she's a fan of Rand, frankly - far more celebs are than will admit.And while they're not as melodically or compositionally amazing - and I believe they're Christian, though not as a band - the Sick Puppies have some lyrics that fit with objectivism. Breaking Benjamin is a little less consistently so, but "I Will Not Bow" is rhythmically gratifying, decently melodic, and the lyrics are pretty inspirational.There's actually quite a bit of songs out there that I've been seeing as objectivist in notion. I'm a big fan of songs that advocate perseverance over dejection. It's great to write music about celebration and triumph, but it's also important to write music that inspires people to overcome life and it's difficulties.I guess I'm less of a purist in this sense - after all, I grew up with grunge. So I find the few songs that various artists put out that fit the mold and focus on the bands that put out more music of that sort.I've also restarted my forays into classical music and am open to suggestions there. I used to be in band in high school and played some really awesome music. I can't convince my wife to listen to classical, I'm sure, but I enjoy it from time to time.
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