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  1. As the talks to bring back 6-party talks to the Korean peninsula, North Korea has been found to be developing ICBMs capable of attacking the mainland US. This fact is backed up by Gates secretary of defense, as he talked about "North Korea's long-ranged missiles, ICBM development possibility, and North Korea's nuclear development warnings." The ICBMs revealed are being developed in the major missile test range on the west coast of North Korea, and mobile missiles are hard to trace by radar, and faster than regular missiles. Surrounding nations(Korea, Japan, Russia, etc) and the US are nervously following the situation. North Korea must give up ruthless weapon development and turn its attention to the economic depression, famine, and unstable politics, to open itself up for a transparent revolution.
  2. After much difficulty and hurdles for the past 4 years, 'Korea-US FTA Agreement' has passed the Korean Congress. However, wrong informations and rumors have been spreading on internet and SNS, creating social conflicts and disbelief. This is very regretful. Many economic experts are expecting economic betterment and job creation opportunities. Additionally, many nations, such as Japan and China, are envious and anxious of the changes to come from this Korea-US FTA agreement. Through this FTA, Korea can now trade with 60% of the world's market, extending its economic territory. Korea will now stand a better chance at its exporting competition, and this FTA shall be a green light for the economy. The road to this agreement has been rough, so everyone must cooperate, try to understand the real meanings of the FTA, and participate in the betterment of this nation.
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-en...internalSearch "About K-factor" http://jellyfish1616.blogspot.com/20...-with-you.html "Shinee's Music" I found an interesting article. the title was "The K factor". This word means "K-pop Craze". umm...I know K-pop is very getting popular now but I'm quite surprised how its popularity grows fast. I often download K-pop music and listen to it. Lately, I'm trying to listen to J-pop too but K-pop may be better for me. How about you? Have you ever heard K-pop or J-pop?? I recommend it to you, It is quite fresh music.
  4. North Korea on Thursday threatened to turn the South’s presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae into a “sea of fire” in a statement by its military denouncing Wednesday’s military exercise on Yeonpyeongdo and Baengnyeongdo. South Korea carried out the exercise on the border islands on the first anniversary of the North’s artillery attack on Yeongpyeongdo that killed two marines and two civilians. The belligerent rhetoric is some of the strongest in recent months. It is the first time for it to issue such a strong warning against Cheong Wa Dae. In February, Pyongyang threatened to turn Seoul into a sea of fire, criticizing the annual South Korea-U.S. military exercises. “Our revolutionary military power is completely ready to respond to any military provocations,” said the Supreme Command of the North Korean People’s Army in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. “Should (the South) fire even a single shot into our sea, air or land, it should bear in mind that the sea of fire will lead to a sea of fire in Cheong Wa Dae, which will then spread to devastate the stronghold of the traitors’ group.” After the exercise on the border islands, “Uriminjokkiri,” a website run by the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, also issued a statement criticizing the exercise. The threat comes as Seoul has softened its stance on the North in efforts to enhance ties that went sour in the wake of the two deadly attacks last year that killed 50 South Koreans. In March 1994, a North Korean representative first threatened to turn Seoul into a sea of fire during a working-level inter-Korean meeting at the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjeom. Following the hostile comment, the South referred the North as the “main enemy” in its 1995 defense whitepaper, which was taken out of the 2004 paper when the mood was more conciliatory. North Korea has long disputed the NLL, seeking to make the South’s frontline areas around the border a disputed region. The North, which contends the border should be redrawn further south, claims that the waters near the frontline islands are part of its territory. http://www.koreaherald.com/national/...20111124000916 : Source I studied in Korea as a exchange student for 2 years. While I lived in Korea, I heard a lot of news about North Korea like their threats against S.Korea, provocations(it really occured last year), starvation etc. What N.Korea said is almost to come true. this point is very important. (Many Koreans usually don't know how serious what they said) I hope S.Korea will take care of this problem properly.
  5. Lately, young people can't endure anxieties from high unemployment, social polarization anymore. Last demonstration called "Occupy Wall Street" showed how they were suffered from those problems. In this situation, Korean architects and Other young designers decided to take on the issues to make them have hope. They work in many different fields like architecture, landscaping, graphic, fashion. They tried to see the essence of those problems and showed their own solution as their works. Their exhibition "Crisis and Design" will be held from 17th Nov to 3th Dec in ARTGATE Gallery New York. Their works embodies most of current social problems like unemployment, the lack of communication and relax, meditation, problems of the aged. I hope that this exhibition could give people good rest.
  6. Here is the one, North Korea's craptastic Air Koryo Last month, Skytrax(it is a research center to evaluate all of the world airlines) rated North Korea's Air Koryo as the worst airline. Air Koryo is being criticized for it's unimproved system. Especially, Air Koryo got 1.27 point out of 10 point on WHO's safety evaluation. According to the score sheet, They have a flaw of an alarm device and Their flight over the slope is unstable. Above of all, They aren't able to find these flaws through their own inspection. At last, WHO issued guidelines that their staffs should use Air Koryo in a special occasion only.
  7. thank you so much!! i decided to buy galaxy.
  8. Which is better for you? i'm thinking now to buy one. i found an interesting video about their drop test. Did you see this? Seeing this video, Maybe I think i have to buy SAMSUNG Galaxy S. HAHA
  9. The North Korean regime is paying close attention to the latest developments in Libya because of the similarities between the Moammar Gadhafi and Kim Jong-il regimes. These include the psychopathic personalities of the dictators, their iron grip on power, and their hoarding of national assets to ensure their survival and buying of loyalty. North Korea did not worry much about the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia which led to the ousters of their dictators, but closely monitored the Libyan revolution. When the Libyan rebels were cornered, North Korean state media confidently warned, "Only death awaits traitors to the revolution." It remained silent when Gadhafi was on the run after NATO forces intervened. Following the uprising in Libya, North Korea's National Defense Commission, which protects the Km Jong-il regime, went into emergency mode, while all universities in Pyongyang were closed indefinitely in June. Gadhafi's death may have rattled Kim Jong-il, but it is extremely difficult for a democratic uprising to take place in the North because of the unprecedented degree of oppression and the fact that most North Koreans are still oblivious to what is happening in the outside world. More importantly, China refuses to recognize North Korean defectors as political refugees. Before any democratic uprising can happen in North Korea, the repressive state apparatus must dwindle, more information must become available to ordinary people, and an escape route must open up for democracy activists should they fail in their attempt to overthrow the regime. As long as China refuses to recognize North Korean defectors as political refugees, an internal uprising in North Korea would be very difficult. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his son Jong-un have set up more political prison camps despite international pressure to shut them down. And North Korean security agents have launched a bizarre campaign against South Korean TV soaps and other TV imports. The North Korean regime is making a frantic, last-ditch effort to keep its border from collapsing by brutally torturing and executing defectors who are sent back from China. The South Korean government and the international community have largely ignored these three conditions. If the South Korean government were to confront North Korea about its political prison camps, the Kim Jong-il regime would be unable to continue oppressing its people. One important step the South could take would be to resume psychological warfare against the North, because if the propaganda message reaches the military along the frontlines, an uprising by North Korean troops could topple the Kim Jong-il regime. Seoul must also resolve the issue of North Korean defectors through negotiations with China. Seoul's "quiet diplomacy" policy has prevented it from speaking frankly with Chinese officials, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have been killed. South Korea cannot escape blame for this tragedy. Kim Jong-il's fate could change if Seoul acts. The 23 million North Koreans need the help of the South to topple their dictator. South Korea's Constitution stipulates that it is its responsibility to protect the lives of all Koreans.
  10. Libya's dictator Gadaffi who was called a mad dog of the Middle East was dead and it's civil war also ended. People are wondering who will be the next victim. Bashar al-Assad (the president of Syria) and Ali Abdullah Saleh (the president of yemen) are expected now. Among them, North Korea's Kim jong il, His name is being highly regarded. There is something wrong with Kim jong il's government like Gadaffi's. He has carried out public executions and compulsory labor & abortion. Especially it's prison camps called euphemistically "reducation camps" have detained about 200,000 people. Besides, After the midst of 1990s, About 2 million people were dead of severe starvation. I think that Gadaffi's death will be a trigger for liberalization to many other autocratic states. I'm sure that Kim's dynasty also won't last long.
  11. The amount of Choco Pie snacks consumed by North Korean workers in the Kaesong Industrial Complex, an inter-Korean project located in the North, has dropped significantly, according to sources on Wednesday. One South Korean merchant who has been supplying the popular treat to the complex said, "The amount that I supplied suddenly dropped by around 30 to 40 percent last month." He added, "If other suppliers are facing the same situation, then the total amount of Choco Pie snacks consumed daily by North Korean workers there probably dropped from 200,000 to less than 150,000." Pyongyang apparently told owners of South Korean businesses there to provide cash or instant noodles to North Korean workers instead of Choco Pie snacks. This has prompted North Korea experts to speculate that Pyongyang feels the chocolate-coated snacks are making it tougher for Kim Jong-il to maintain control over his people. Since the complex was launched in 2004, Choco Pies have become the most popular South Korean product not only among North Korean workers at Kaesong, but also in the entire country. Many workers developed the habit of taking their quota of the snacks home after work to share with their impoverished family members and friends, or to sell them. One source familiar with North Korean affairs said, "Three Choco Pie snacks are worth 100g of rice in open-air markets. They seem to have served as catalysts for the country's market economy." A South Korean government source said, "Products like Choco Pies, which are individually wrapped, have the effect of advertising the high quality of South Korean products to North Koreans." "It looks like officials in the North have singled out Choco Pies as an agent that may be spreading anti-Socialist values from the South," he added. http://english.chosun.com/site/data/...102000862.html N.Koreans are so poor, aren't they? When i read this article, i was really relieved that i'm not a N.Korean.
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