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  1. I meditate often. For me, it has nothing to do with emptying the mind or evading consciousness, but in calming and relaxing the mind, quieting thought, letting the subconscious work, clearing the clutter of useless thoughts and distractions.

    I've never been able to stop my thoughts. But the goal is not to stop thinking, but to observe the thoughts that do arise, simply observe them and nothing more.

    When I am finished meditating, my focus is always sharper and clearer than it was before. That is my goal.

    Meditation is powerful medicine. I recommend it.

    But there are all kinds of different ways to meditate. One must shop until he finds the one that is right for him.

  2. there's context within Atlas Shrugged itself. Dagny shot a guard dead in order to sneak into the institute and save Galt from further torture. Her explanation/justification of how easy/fast she shot that guard was that the guard could not decide for himself whether to let her pass or not.

    so there, an example from the same source (not the bible, LOL!)

    And does this show that in a proper context violence is in fact practical? I think it does.

  3. I was a history buff back in the 1990s and lost interest; mostly because of all the conflicting alleged facts and theories about just about every topic that I studied, from just about every place I looked.

    I found that it's not so much the conflicting theories and viewpoints that make history such a struggle, but it's more at the things that historians don't talk about at all which causes all the conflict for me.

    My case in point; I read a book by John Daniel (a three volume series) entitled: "Scarlet and the Beast". In this book is enormous discussion on points in history and facts about the people involved that I have heard no historian ever talk about. The facts within his series can all be verified. The work is stunning.

    I traveled to meet John Daniel a few years ago and discussed his work in great detail with him, his bodyguard only a few feet away at all times during our meetings. Some people don't like what Mr. Daniel has to say and would like to see him shut up forever.

    History must be rewritten if all the facts and the truth about it is ever to be known.

  4. Sure, I could tell you lots about it.

    But I am not the least bit interested in trying to satisfy your curiosity. You can do that all by yourself. You seem to have your mind all made up anyway. Enjoy.

    If you have any sincere and specific questions however and if I find them interesting enough, I might be inclined to answer them.

  5. Why do you need me to tell you answers? Can't you think for yourself?

    The Target Focus Training video is a good context for one of the questions I am asking. And now that we're on the subject of Target Focus Training, how 'bout it? Would this be a good way to learn to apply the tool of violence in everyday life? Or do you have something better, more effective, more efficient, etc.?


    OK, have it your way. You want "context"; tell me then, what would you, personally, do in this particular situation, i.e., context?

    You are just skateboarding along the sidewalk, or walking or running or carrying your groceries home or going to see your girlfriend or whatever -- and a guy just comes out of the blue, for whatever "reason", i.e., he don't like the way you look or because you're ugly or because he wants to rob you or because he's pissed that his mommy didn't get her welfare check this month and has to go out hookin' again -- he sticks a gun in your face and starts messin' with you. What would you do here?

    And also, is this anti-social violence or asocial violence?

  6. I believe anti-social refers to actions within the social realm, for instance the typical bar fight or whatever. Asocial refers to actions where communication is not possible and someone really tries to kill you. Search for Tim Larkin and Target-Focus Training and you should find further information.

    Excellent. Tim Larkin does have an excellent discussion on those very topics.

    And I am speaking on the asocial. As I said, the anti-social is to be avoided at all costs.

    What are the best methods to apply in antisocial violence?

  7. It differs in that a defensive mindset is not discussed (other than to refrain from entering it) and that the offensive mindset is the key to success in violence, as opposed to blocking and defensive techniques or methods.

    If one goes on the defensive in violence, he is more likely to be hurt or killed. When one takes the offensive, i.e., the initiative in violence he is more likely to survive the violence.

    I do not raise the question of the necessity of every human being on the planet to specialize in combat science. To my mind, that question is already answered.

    My question is, what is the best, i.e., the most efficient, most productive, most effective way to acquire and apply the tool of violence for use in everyday life?

    I am not talking about anti-social and asocial persons, rather I am talking about anti-social and asocial violence. These are the two types of violence we are discussing. It makes no difference what kind of person is attacking, what matters is that he is attacking and that I need to do something about it or I am going to die.

    Again, what is the best, i.e., the most efficient, most productive, most effective way to acquire and apply the tool of violence for my use in everyday life?

  8. How much more context do we need? A lot more. You haven't really given us any at all. Another human being is attacking me? Okay, is he attacking me in a dogfight in a jet airplane? Is he attacking me on a tightrope walk? Is he attacking me walking down the street? What does he have, what do I have? I don't get what you're going for. There is no such thing as an attack without context, as there is no such thing as reality without context. The answer as to "what is the best way to apply violence" will depend entirely on the situation.

    It's like you're saying: we have a patient that is ill. He needs curing. If you don't cure him, he will die. The context is curing. What is the best way to apply curing? No, I refuse to give you any details! Curing, damn it! Just curing! What is the best curing? I don't know, you tell me?

    Keep reading. There is plenty of "context" for you to choose from in many of the posts above. If you can't find any, make some up. If you need more help than this, just give me a call and I will do what I can -- and if I'm not there to help you get started in five minutes -- start without me.

    Enjoy. :D

  9. The type of combat science I practice deals strictly with asocial violence (the anti-social is to be avoided), has an incredibly rapid learning curve and deals with any and all ancillary weapons available and especially the primary weapon, which is the mind.

    The mindset is purely offensive and blocking is not advocated or practiced.

    I should have said, 'blocking and defensive skills are not advocated or practiced.'

  10. Sounds like you need new friends!

    Seriously, though, sounds like the sentiment of someone who has to deal with lazy people regularly. But, I don't want to spit on them, because I don't want them to spit on me. That said, I understand that eventually they will self-combust, and that's good enough.

    Yes, you are right. I live in the Third World of Las Vegas, where it is very rare to find an ambitious person who wants to do a good job, corruption is rampant and the communistic Mestizo invasion is going full tilt. I had to fire another woman this week and take over the dining room.

    Yes, they, the entire country, for that matter, will eventually self-combust. We're set to pop and could go anytime now.

    You are very observant.

  11. I'm not having a problem with it at all. Again, it's a situation in which you must apply violence to another human being or perish. He/they are attacking you and if you don't attack him/them he/they are going to kill you. What's so hard to understand about that? How much more "context" do you need? It's any situation where you must apply violence to another human being or be killed, become his/their victim.

    What is the best way to learn and to do this?

    You didn't strap on some pads and a helmet and enter a football game of your own volition and get knocked around. You were forced into a situation in which a man or men are going to kill you, escape is not possible, you will apply violence to him/them or you will become their victim.

    What is the best way to learn and to do this?

    It's incredibly simple, just as violence is incredibly simple.

  12. Only the minimum amount of force necessary to eradicate the threat should be used, otherwise you are just adding to the problem. So, all those different methods of violence can only be assessed as valid methods in context, and they should be judged by how effective they are in those contexts. For example, you don't use a pistol against a child who picked your pocket. But it might be proper to call the police in that circumstance.

    In any case, if this discussion is shifting towards a discussion about what kinds of weapons to use in different situations, then it is no longer a discussion about Objectivism and probably shouldn't be in this part of the forum.


    I'm not talking about using a pistol against a child who is picking your pocket. I am talking about violence. The type of violence during which you must respond with violence or become its victim.

  13. What context gives rise to these questions? Violence. The fact that violence occurs everyday, all around us and that anyone who might want to prepare for the inevitable occurrence of violence might want to prepare for that moment in the safest and most efficient manner possible to ensure his survival when it does occur -- as opposed to the alternative: becoming a victim.

    How to apply violence to what? To someone(s) who are trying to apply violence to you, as in the committing of a violent crime.

    How to gain the use of violence? To know how to use violence in violence. As in, if someone attacks you, what is the best way to use violence against them in order to ensure your survival? Krav Maga? A pistol? A club? A karate class that you took when you were a child? Call a cop? What?

    What is your most potent weapon in violence? Means just what it says. In what situation? In violence. As in, someone committing an act of violence on you and you have no choice but to use violence against on them -- or become a victim.

  14. In other words, violence is rarely the answer, but when it is the answer -- it is the only answer.

    It is confirmed that violence applied can not only be practical, but absolutely necessary in a proper context. Violence is not a practical method for gaining or earning values, but it is in fact a proper and practical method in keeping and protecting them. We know this to be true, for we see all around us ordinary citizens, police and military, for example carrying with them some of the snap-on tools of violence, e.g., mace, guns, batons, etc. in an attempt to be ready at all times to use violence, if necessary, in protecting their values and the values of others from theft, rape, murder and robbery, etc. These tools are carried at all times because an irrefutable fact of life is that violence does in fact exist and the time when it may occur to one's person or property is not always predictable.

    The context which I place violence is the context in which there is no doubt that someone is trying to take one's life and one must do something about it -- or perish. All other considerations notwithstanding. It's do violence --or die.

    Next, how to apply violence? What is the best way to gain the use of violence as a tool of survival?

    And what is one's most potent weapon in violence?

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