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  1. well, my suggestion of poe is based somewhat on the fact that during his time he was despised, unpopular, and unknown (i think.). Wouldn't this serve as somewhat of a parallel between, say, how society thinks Rearden is a complete you-know-what, and what he actually is? Poe is POSSIBLY credited for even creating the detective novel... I think, reading poe, kind of speaks for itself
  2. if they don't want to read it they don't have to work for him.
  3. i lay around in my apartment in milwaukee and am like-minded
  4. it's because a person can recognize something when it surprises them but can never guess what they didn't know what was going to happen and when people of differing intelligences come into contact the stupider one is going to want the things that the smarter person covets but won't know why they themselves should want it.
  5. yeah that's what i was thinking too; especially that the really famous people of this world are jokes i.e. bill gates/ect. and the people who are the REAL movers of the world are people who others do everything in their power to steal from and thus can never rise or realize their fame/fortune.
  6. this was cool, other peeps--chegout 'is story
  7. i've come to the point where i feel very few people even closely resemble dagney or roark or rearden. I would say I've met TWO who you could tell had the purpose convictions ect. Where the hell ARE these people?
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