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    aaa got a reaction from EC in demi-gods of THIS world   
    yeah that's what i was thinking too; especially that the really famous people of this world are jokes i.e. bill gates/ect. and the people who are the REAL movers of the world are people who others do everything in their power to steal from and thus can never rise or realize their fame/fortune.
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    aaa got a reaction from EC in Where would a present-day Galt's Gulch be?   
    i think EC may just be our John Galt
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    aaa reacted to 2046 in "That Violence Is Not Practical."   
    Oh I see, he looks to be parroting back the same kind of things from this video:


    I still don't know what the question you're asking is about. You want us to imagine up some random situations and tell you the most efficient way to use violence in them... cause why? I don't get what this has to do with anything in here? Why don't you tell us the answer?
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