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  1. Objectivism is certainly more concerned with individual worth and value than other systems of thought, so I prefer it. Being that Rand was a human being, and human beings are fallible and make mistakes, I do not view her as morally perfect. She certainly did have some great ideas which help mankind a great deal. Her work is often misunderstood as fascist and anti-human, especially Atlas Shrugged. People fail to realize that Rand's works were the product of another time, and another place. They were the labor of a woman who had endured the tyranny of the Soviet system in which to quote George Orwell's "Animal Farm": "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." She worked in Hollywood, where there need be no explanation of a lack of genuine compassion and creativity.
  2. That was my impression as well. A way to pretend to care without really caring, and an air of a holier than thou attitude. Most of the members of the Occupy Wall Street movement are no different. They won't surrender the comfort of their American Apparel clothing, Starbucks coffee, and their iPhones to help those less fortunate, or even bother to improve the world in which they live, but they demean the people who do because they often make a profit. Someone who is successful need not feel guilty if they had provided value stemmed from their own rational mind and actions. Agreed: Most people in Hollywood (and elsewhere) who are successful at something are not serious thinkers. Becoming a serious thinker requires effort, and constantly learning as well connecting with others. It also means risking ridicule from people who surrender their minds. In today's world, running on auto-pilot is a huge liability.
  3. I believe this is true. Anyone who is stressed out due to overwork has difficulty making rational decisions. Couple overwork with low pay, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Surely, the less fortunate would be much better off if said lawyer were able to have a high flying career while also doing pro bono work to help those in need. The lawyer would be more motivated to help the poor if they were not poor themselves. Life need not be so black and white. The issue here is many groups encourage forced altruism rather than allowing free choice. If one truly values the poor, they will help them not out of guilt, (manipulating people into accepting poverty and mediocrity while claiming to care is extremely evil and coercive), but because they value helping others.
  4. Yes. I suppose that I may have misread something regarding the illegal drug trade that is unfortunately common in poorer neighborhoods.
  5. While Microsoft has engaged in questionable business practices (questionable to the media?), and peddled some products of questionable quality (Although some of this is due to having to support almost every device combination under the sun, where as Apple only supports its own.) the fact remains that Microsoft is still a juggernaut, even if the era of Google and smartphones. The "evil" greed of Bill Gates has enabled the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to donate vast sums of money and technology to better the world. How often does the average middle class person do anything to benefit the world? They desperately demand that the "evil" businessmen surrender their wealth and power because the "evil" businessmen command more value in society than an office worker. Someone who is more successful than the average joe at anything is automatically a target. Don't even get me started with creative people. Far too many consider making a profit off of any creative endeavor to be "selling out". In a sense, the rapper 50 Cent could be considered within this realm of demi-gods. He grew up in Southside Queens, where young men rarely live to the age 25, and if they do, they endure a lifetime of low-wage jobs. Now he commands an empire worth $500 million+, and is a consumate realist and very rational.
  6. Why does such a Liberal (sometimes even Communistic) attitude permeate the motion picture and entertainment industries as a whole? Is the Liberal attitude of Hollywood a product of American culture and its tendency to devalue individual rights and liberty in the name of the group, or is it an illusion by marketers?
  7. Far too many people have outdated values and don't even question what other people tell them. (As for my upbringing it's more than just traditional values getting in the way. There was actual abuse, but I don't need to get into that.) Everyday I read the news reports of pensions going away, people who've worked at organizations for years with great track records being laid off at the drop of a hat, and knowing that Social Security isn't going to be there for us. So, frankly I'm not going to shove my head in the sand and do what the herd thinks is right, but it's obviously not working any more. I connect with creative types and entrepreneurs who are building things. They are at various levels of success. These are my people. These are the people I believe in. These are the people who believe in me. Some of them are like me, and are dropouts; people who just didn't fit into the rigidity of the faulty educational systems of the world which destroy individuality and demand only one right way of thinking. Some of them are people with extensive formal education. It's a great collection across the board. One of them is a high school dropout who makes more in a year than most Ivy League graduates. The "safety" first people think I'm doing everything wrong. The creative/entrepreneurial people expect mistakes, but learn from them, rather than avoid them. The "safety" first people believe there is one path. The creative/entrepreneurial people forge their own path. I don't believe in the work until you die crowd. I think they're foolish for believing that someone is going to take care of them, especially when they start protesting the "evil" of Capitalism ala OWS. People also very much are against failure, they want perfection. Failure is probably the best teacher. I fail all the time. I love learning, but I hate being told there is only one right path. (Birth-Elementary-Junior High-High School-College-Grad School-Work-Death). Where is there time to live and be you in all of that? Where is the time to spend growing yourself if it's all about pleasing society? Life isn't safe and predictable. No one cares how hard you worked or how long when they're handing out pink slips. No amount of education or experience is going to save you in today's world. When people are in a job where they are rigidly controlled as cogs, they honestly believe their boss will and should take care of them. These are the same people who are eager to decry capitalism as evil. Building something wonderful is a risk, as is staying in a "safe" career. It's just that certain risks are seen as "better". Unless you went to Harvard or mom and dad are rich, you're unlikely to stay working and advancing in the same company for life. There's a whole world out there I want to see while I am still young enough to do it, not when I'm 70 and my joints don't work. It's amazing what people can do these days, but the "safe" people don't want to bother to even look beyond their own little worlds. As anyone someone who has read the work of Seth Godin, being generic will lead to obscurity and loss in today's world. Being remarkable is what we all must be. i'd rather take the risk rather than leave my life up to someone else. People can hate me all they want, but if I succeed I know they will want to take it all from me. That's the way it works: sabotage you on the way up, and bring you down from the top.
  8. My highest values are creativity, exploration, and connection. Values which are considered evil by many people. All 3 of these can lead to happiness and wealth, both of which are also evil. I tire of people who demand that I sacrifice my values to them. I > We
  9. We live in an age of technology and infinite connections. People ignore reality and live in some fantasy world where the world is still like the one my grandparents lived in. A world of entitlement, safety, and security. Anyone who dares speak of the truth is evil or doesn't want "work hard". If I am going to take on all the pain and the risk, it is going to be for my benefit, and not for the benefit of those who demand that I become a sacrificial lamb to the animal existence they are OK with because they lack courage and imagination..
  10. One of the reasons I'm having trouble putting together tutorials and patches to benefit other musicians, and moving forward with a couple of projects, on top of finishing some songs is the "not good enough" mentality. Not to mention, that I am around a lot of very negative people, who are not supportive at all, especially when I can benefit so many other people, as well as myself. They think that I am wasting my time. At present, I am having difficulty getting away from them. However, I do use technology to connect with people who do believe in the power of the Individual. I think suffering and leaving your future up to the whims of another person is a waste of time and causes a great deal of pain. Why do so many people think suffering to make someone else rich or doing work which brings them no joy is so damn virtuous and wonderful? So many people in my life are always eager to tell me what I should be doing. But, I don't take them seriously because they aren't successful, wealthy, or happy. For example, everyone around me is wondering why I am "foolishly" pursuing this instead of focusing on working hard to defer life until I'm 65. Honestly, I see my grandmother in a nursing home and see how bitter and angry many old people are. A lot of pension plans are going the way of the dodo, and people don't stay with the same organization for 30+ years. I keep telling them that never before in history has there been so much opportunity to form connections with others and trade value for value, there are also people who are more experienced/knowledgeable than I am at various things related to music/business/marketing that think I have potential, we discuss all sorts of things.
  11. Well, I've never completely given up on it, so it's not like I'm starting at square one. I've been learning production skills and practicing off and on for years. I've just never devoted a lot of energy to pursuing it because of low self-esteem, and being told by many people that my purpose in life wasn't to think or create, but sacrifice myself to a "good" Union job or depend on the government to give me a "good" job. (I do think Unions are one of the most evil things ever created because they teach people that their life is not their responsibility, and it is their God-given right to a high wage, healthcare, and an expensive retirement package, and that anyone who is not part of the Union gang, is evil.) Old enough to have had some life experience (30), still young enough to have youthful energy and look young for my age. I am starting to feel that I don't have a lot of time left already, especially when I see how young some of the talent is. Of course, maybe people just give up on creativity when they reach a certain age. Especially with all of the uncertainty in the world, and the fact that people and their contributions to society are seen as commodities to be bought and sold by the looters of all walks of life, it's worth Moving The World if I can. P.S. Why is the entertainment industry full of so many Communists/Liberals? It's quite Capitalistic in nature.
  12. While there are many intelligent, capable experts in various fields, far too many are caught in the dogma of their teachers or colleagues. Even worse are experts who believe they know all there is to know about particular subjects and are unwilling to be open to new ideas or speak with people outside of a narrow audience. Is it moral to trust experts? How should we use their knowledge and experience in order to make rational decisions? What role should experts play in society? Can an expert be trusted if their knowledge does not lead to a solution or prevention of a problem?
  13. It doesn't do any good to expend energy needlessly. It is most certainly irrational of me to take responsibility for variables which I can not control. This is the opposite of giving all personal power away to others, which I am guilty of. I will continue to be wary of those who guarantee freedom from a future which cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. To deny uncertainty is to deny reality. We are fortunate in this day and age that we can find people to share our thoughts with in a constructive manner. I will continue to seek out people who believe in progress and the pursuit of one's happiness, and leave those behind who wish for destruction of individuality.
  14. I am not suggesting that I can accomplish everything myself. Any work by any person is building upon what those before him/her has accomplished. I do not think it is possible to isolate one's self completely and attain prosperity.
  15. I apologize for not being clear and making a blanket statement. It was meant to be a generalization. Am I sacrificing myself by taking responsibility for what I had no control over? Of course moving forward as best as I am able is what I must do, but I feel intense guilt for stumbling so much because I had to learn that I had worth. I see a great deal of opportunity to not only enrich lives by creating music, but improving the technology which makes the creation, distribution, and attainment of knowledge better/cheaper. All of these things are interconnected. I always have to learn. I always have to create. I always have to spread the material. Why can't others benefit from this? Why is it immoral to profit from something creative? Why must an artist suffer when an artist can create art, but also facilitate its creation? A paintbrush does not do the painting.
  16. Thanks for this. I share this because well, I want perspectives from Objectivists, and also because I want to use my past as a source of strength rather than weakness. I have always been interested in music, and I've been talking with people of various backgrounds about how we can improve the way we create and interact with it. (i.e. make more affordable instruments, make it easier for people to learn how to make their own sounds, etc.) this on top of working on material itself. I just feel a bit of shame because I'm 30 and not a success, especially since I attended school with many who did not experience the setbacks in their youth I did. Is that considered sacrificing myself to others irrationally?
  17. One really can understand where Rand came from when one has had their life destroyed by Socialists and forced to slowly, and painful rebuild from the ashes of the commands of irrational "authority" who believe that all things creative and valuable are evil, and that men exist to sacrifice themselves to other men. That intelligence and the pursuits of one's own interests is evil. I was raised by such monsters and their ilk. So, I will not allow it, and will create.
  18. Millions of children grow up with verbally/physically abusive parents, and suffer as adults due to the after-effects. Often, intelligent and capable, they are sacrificed and denied opportunity due to their parent's brutish behavior. The trauma of which can cause permanent psychological damage and loss of potential. I have struggled to overcome this. As such, I did not learn to begin to value myself until age 25 (30 now), and am still in the process of growth. As people do not choose where they come from or who their parents are, does background matter as much as what one does to provide value? Are people to be held responsible for the atrocities which others committed which prevented the creation of value and growth? Does having a rough start in life due to the limitations and evils imposed by "caring" people mean that one is not deserving of success and happiness? Are only those born into healthy environments who were encouraged from a young age worthy of success or can people forge their own future? Is it possible to be a "late-bloomer"?
  19. As a musician exploring Objectivism, I came to the conclusion that business people and Artistic types have a lot in common. We both wish to provide value to the world and connect with as many people as possible. Artists provide value by creating works which resonate with the audience as well as using the power of human connections and even entrepreneurial skill to make it profitable. Like Hank Rearden, we face those who oppose our success and growth at every turn: It seemed at first glance, it seemed the future of the Artist was choosing between sacrificing one’s self to the fans who only valued the artist if they were struggling and obscure or sacrificing one’s self to someone who only sought to view the Artist as a marketable commodity.

In both scenarios, the Artist is no longer a person, but an object to be used at the whim of other people. But, something happened to change all of this. Capitalism has freed and emancipated the Artist. Now, thanks to advances in technology and business, the cost of gaining access to the global marketplace is very low. 

The cost of a computer is dropping while capabilities soar. 

Competition in the marketplace has created a diverse economy of products which enable the Artist to do more, for less money, and faster than at any time in history. Often, these products are affordable or have a lower cost version. There are many services which enable small labels/studios and individuals to sell their art alongside big publishers. With social networking technology, finding fans and global exposure is no longer only something which large media companies are capable of. There are even artists creating products themselves or with partners. Now, within the world created by Artists and Entrepreneurs, the best artists are forging careers themselves or being "discovered" through the value they provide.

This new economy of independent artists is made possible by people with the vision, talent, and rational decisions which created the low-cost technologies which enable creativity and connection without borders.

And yet, many Artists decry Capitalism as unjust.

In a society in which government chooses the winners and losers, this would not be possible. 

Without a Free Market there would be no Free Expression.
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