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  1. Regarding the NYC blackout article, Power IS totally "monopolized" here in NYC - by the Government, of course. Thus I don't really see any problem with Chris' quote; he's basically right. Regarding academic lingo - maybe it's just me (and my background in an activity like high school debate, which has its own set of highly specialized jargon) but I don't mind it. In a certain context, it's useful - like medical or legal jargon. Believe me - if Sciabarra suddenly found himself altogether incapable of being understood, his style would change rapidly - but as it stands, he's an academic writing for an academic audience. What's wrong with that? Again, I have to wonder if everyone here on the boards is merely being cranky with Sciabarra for the sake of sounding "orthodox" - or if they genuinely have a distaste for him. If it's the latter, I wonder why you'd even waste your time discussing him...? It's hardly a productive action. Just ignore him, or don't buy his books. --A.
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