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    Donovan reacted to CrowEpistemologist in Michigan Governor Signs Anti-Tesla Bill   
    This sucks more than anything has sucked in a very long time:
    It's worth noting that Republicans were very much behind this in MI, as well as our Demo bailed-out friends at GM...
    And while I don't indulge in off-topic rants too often, I'll say in the most objective terms I can that car dealers are lower than the deepest layer of prehistoric frog shit at the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp. They add absolutely no value to our civilization. They could all go away tomorrow and we'd all be better off. I think of the countless, pointless hours I've spent in car dealers trying to by a fucking car after I walked in and knew exactly what I wanted and had cash for it. You can go to the local jeweler and buy a $30k watch in 5 minutes. A $30k car takes 2 hours. What bullshit. They only get away with this because they are a government-protected monopoly. The sick part is that they seem to know it and enjoy a sick power trip as they hold you there captive waiting for a 80s-vintage printer to ooze out a 15 page "contract" and try to up-sell you floor mats and sealer wax or whatever the high-end equivalent is these days.
    In other words, I didn't think it was possible to hate car dealers any more than I did before today, but I was wrong.
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