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  1. Thank you for the thought put into your post. I admire this position. I hold values and aspirations that would extend benefit farther then that of my personal life. Although all personal desires, these goals will tangibly benefit me in varying degrees. I've been wrestling with trying to create a metric to help me filter through these values. It's a comforting reminder that the metric is still returned to an achievement in personal happiness and I too find peace of mind in the state of things I value something worthy of value.
  2. In the way your using the word "values," I don't believe a person can have values outside oneself. The idea of value requires the entity having values to posess that value. This does not mean you can't value things outside of yourself. I am also not discussing the idea that the world ends when one dies.
  3. Although it does not necessitate an attitude of not caring, wouldn't that level of caring rest below any benefit gained in life? Any mental thought that could be put towards others after death, and any money that could be put towards others after death, would be a missed oportunity to spend that thought and money on the self in life to promote ones happiness even to the last second. How does the state of his car or children after his death effect him in life? What value does peace of mind in regards to the state of anything after death have? Wouldn't that be a form of altruistic consideration?
  4. Does a correct follower of objectivism find value in anything that will exist after they die? I am under the understanding that the objectivist stance is that those types of thoughts to be better served focusing on the self in life? Is this true, and if so are there exceptions to this?
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