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  1. I don't remember any Luke Stone in Atlas. He does look a bit like how Galt was described. Perhaps he's playing Galt but they listed it as a psyuedo name so it would be a surprise?
  2. So many people today worship nature and sneer at man as a destroyer. Many think that man should not touch nature, that his worthless being will destroy it. His alterations are seen as a disfigurement of the superior raw materials of Earth. I, and I'm sure most of you as well, reject this philosophy. Man's nature is to enhance the beauty of raw nature. While there may be cases when man brings temporary destruction, I hold that over time man shapes nature into a state of superior beauty and function. I submit as evidence: the horse. With a past so entwined with man's; his entire being is evidence of man's effect on nature. The horse that you see today is not the result of nature, but of man. Man saw value in the raw horse of nature and utilized those values, in doing so, he enhanced them in the horse. Man saw pride in the raw horse and made him more prideful; he saw strength and made him stronger; he saw courage and taught him to jump; he saw elegance and taught him to dance. You decide which is superior: the raw material of nature or the refinements of man? Przewalski's horse (the only horse left untouched by man.) The horse after thousands of years of man's efforts. Please add your own evidence of man's enhancement of nature if you wish.
  3. I was raised moderately christian. In my teen years I was heavily active in my church youth group at the same time trying to reconcile things that I found absurd about it such as the fact that you can be a murderer but believe in God and go to heaven, but if you were a good person who didn't believe you would go to hell. I left the church partly due to my questions and partly due to observing the massive hypocracy of the church members between what they "believed" and how they acted. I was agnostic for a few years before I tried christiananity again in a search for something to believe in. I actually read the first few books of the bible for the first time, was horribly disgusted at how anyone could take that as a measure of the ideal and never looked back. My favorites were where Abraham was willing to kill his own child 'because God said so' and where the man in Sodom gave his daughters to the mob to rape instead of the random men he just met. I have a young daughter and if God himself came down before my very eyes and told me to kill her, I'd tell him to go to hell. I wanted to raise my daughter without even an idea of religion until she was old enough to think of it critically, but it's like a disease so that wasn't possible. She has fundamentalist christian friends so I had to start the religion talk way too early. I told her some of the absurdities in the Bible and Koran without giving an indication of what I thought and her response was to say, "that's crazy! How could anyone believe that?" (At 5 years old. They need a smilie for wiping a tear away from pride.) She has a very critical mind and loves reason (huge math and science nerd) so I think she'll be ok.
  4. Hello everyone, I joined a while back but have just been lurking here and there so I decided to finally say hi and join in the fun. I'm fairly new to Rand. I started with AS about 3 months ago and realized that she had words for something I'd always been trying to grasp. I've finished about 75% of her published works since then. (I don't sleep much) I look forward to chatting with you all.
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