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  1. Despite my lack of exact quotation, I like what I am hearing so far. I knew I came to the right place to ask.
  2. I have been fielding some questions from my friends (and myself) about the passage in Atlas Shrugged that describes Dagny as wearing a diamond bracelet that gave her the ultimate feminine look of being "chained" What did Ms. Rand mean by this? What are your thoughts? -Powers-
  3. Agreed, all the way. Definitely check out The Used.
  4. My friend who I mentioned is objectivist...granted, he only has himself, negating "band" but his lyrics and values are most definitely objectivist.
  5. I am only 19, so, like you, perhaps I don't know quite as much as these older Objectivists, but I strongly believe that becoming an objectivist is relatively simple. I think it starts with viewing yourself as a heroic being, capable of original and beautiful thought. Then it evolves as you learn more about what it means to be a rational human. And Perhaps it becomes your title when you finally Know it, and what it implies.
  6. Well he isn't a band. And he isn't famous, but he is incredible. One of my best friends, Duke Greene, creates music. He calls it "Acoustic Spirit Rock" This is straight from his website: Is that not objectivism??? I introduced him to Rand our sophomore year of high school, because I saw in him a Roark. He learnt it, believed it, and lives it. A quote from his song, Promise "And every time I promise myself joy and love and new-life bringing, I promise me, I'm gonna be: the answer to my dreams" He once was strumming a new song on his guitar in a hallway, and a young girl came up to him and asked "Is that real music or did you write it?" he looked up incredulously and said "Both." Have I plugged him enough yet?? Well, if I have piqued your interest, his site is on my signature. I would urge you to check him out, and perhaps purchase his demo. I want this so much, because I am something of a Heller for Duke. I promote him because I want to hear more of him. And I am selfish enough to want to hear the beauty he creates everywhere. -Powers-
  7. Ah, video games. My specific area of expertise. I love video games. No matter what their philosophy. I care more about how much entertainment they provide for me. If they make me grin, then it is a fair trade. HALO and HALO 2 are big ones on my list. Absolutely in love with them. Something about the Spartan. He's a human. And he seems able to take on the world(s) by himself. And the gameplay is brilliant. Simply brilliant. -Powers-
  8. I was just thinking about Christmas carol today. Ridiculous story. I now have words for why I never enjoyed it as a child.
  9. Thank you, you can be sure they are on my list...but it is a lengthy list indeed.
  10. Who is Ryan Powers? I am. Powers will do. I've been looking to this site for interesting angles to present in arguments to my friends. Objectivism? I've read Atlas four times, my favorite book. I've read Fountainhead twice. And I've also read Virtue of Selfishness, Anthem, and We the Living. But more important than how many times I've read these books, is how I constantly strive to understand the truths of these books as they relate to life. I don't know if I'll agree with all of you. And I doubt you will all agree with me. But that is the point, isn't it? -Powers-
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