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  1. Thanks Dante. I realized I have a lot of reading to do. I'll be taking care of that and popping in for any questions if Iwant to. Thanks
  2. I'm on a journey to discover my goals, values, and morals. If I don't have ultimates of any of those, I can't have subsequently smaller ones.(no guidance in my life)
  3. Bluecherry, how is choosing to pursue his/her life a "standard"? I'm talking about the standard someone establishes FOR their life.
  4. Upon leaping onto the first beginner step, I have come to realize with the help of a friend that I need to answer a basic question, which is: How can I possibly choose something over another if I do not have a standard to base the decision on? How can I have any preferences at all, for that matter? I guess I can make a decision by listing the pros and cons of both sides, drawing upon anecdotal evidence from past decisions and making use of facts and knowledge to deduce the best choice. I can discount for the sake of this exercise that referrring to anecdotal proof isn't a valid deci
  5. Dear members, I have started reading PWNI and am already being sucked into the world of Rand's philosophy. A little too quickly , I sense, but a more in depth second reading should cover any of my hesitations. I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers right off the bat on how I can apply some basic principles of critical thinking for my day to day life that I can always trace back to in case I get too mind-boggled with all the new information I'm consuming. Rand suggests some questions to ask oneself in extrospection and introspection , namely to ask myself what I know, and
  6. Dear forum members, My nickname is Barquentine. I am a 22 year old student living in North America. Having recently finished The Fountainhead and having looked into Rand's philosophy a while ago, I have decided to pursue an education in Objectivism in an attempt to improve my life. I've already let it be known in a rather excited trial of the chat room that I have a lot of work to do. I'd like to reshape my hazy , flip-floppy, and uncertain approaches to events, problems, and my life at large. I'd also like to better understand the world I live in with respect to the economy and pol
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