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  1. Thanks Dante. I realized I have a lot of reading to do. I'll be taking care of that and popping in for any questions if Iwant to. Thanks
  2. I'm on a journey to discover my goals, values, and morals. If I don't have ultimates of any of those, I can't have subsequently smaller ones.(no guidance in my life)
  3. Bluecherry, how is choosing to pursue his/her life a "standard"? I'm talking about the standard someone establishes FOR their life.
  4. Upon leaping onto the first beginner step, I have come to realize with the help of a friend that I need to answer a basic question, which is: How can I possibly choose something over another if I do not have a standard to base the decision on? How can I have any preferences at all, for that matter? I guess I can make a decision by listing the pros and cons of both sides, drawing upon anecdotal evidence from past decisions and making use of facts and knowledge to deduce the best choice. I can discount for the sake of this exercise that referrring to anecdotal proof isn't a valid decision making tool because to have made that decision means I needed to have used the first or the last techniques I mentioned. The same can be said for the first tool. To weight the pros and cons means I need to already have an idea of what is true and false. So I guess the only way I can make decisions is by using things that I know to be definitely true. I know the chain doesn't end there, but for now I think I made progress. Let me know if I'm on the right track please Barquentine
  5. Dear members, I have started reading PWNI and am already being sucked into the world of Rand's philosophy. A little too quickly , I sense, but a more in depth second reading should cover any of my hesitations. I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers right off the bat on how I can apply some basic principles of critical thinking for my day to day life that I can always trace back to in case I get too mind-boggled with all the new information I'm consuming. Rand suggests some questions to ask oneself in extrospection and introspection , namely to ask myself what I know, and how and also what I feel and why, respectively. I'm determined to "form" myself and to implement reason as my operating code, to also rise up to my goals and ambitions, and to take charge of my own life and needs. Any advice on how I can kickstart my quest would be appreciated. Thanks barquentine
  6. Dear forum members, My nickname is Barquentine. I am a 22 year old student living in North America. Having recently finished The Fountainhead and having looked into Rand's philosophy a while ago, I have decided to pursue an education in Objectivism in an attempt to improve my life. I've already let it be known in a rather excited trial of the chat room that I have a lot of work to do. I'd like to reshape my hazy , flip-floppy, and uncertain approaches to events, problems, and my life at large. I'd also like to better understand the world I live in with respect to the economy and politics. I said that I felt I was in limbo. I am working on fighting my inner demons of my past which bear striking resemblances to Peter Keating. I feel ready and willing to let go of my past and move forward to make the best use of myself in every way I can. I am excited to say this, and I hope I will find the help I need here. I will start posting soon, but I expect nothing in return. I will be grateful for any and all replies. Regards, Barquentine
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