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  1. i didn't get it, so yeast goes from 1 cell that replicates to two cells that reproduce each giving half?
  2. lol: altruism debate had a stake driven into its heart by Steven D. Levitt
  3. supernatural? i would consider big bang theory and eugenics supernatural, or instead, use the prefix hyper- hyper: large as in, too much 4 me to chew at this moment, but maybe one day
  4. but then again, i know very little about relativity, if somebody could give a lecture on THAT i would be very interested probably maybe a practical science thread? yesterday i watched a t.v. show where a guy's family grows ALL of their food and also buy used fast food grease from resturaunts and convert it into an oil to run their car. i'd like to learn how to do the second! if anyone can pm me with the process or a reference on how to do the second i'd kiss your feet or whatever else you want me to do
  5. well, it's like doubting god, to me, i guess because it's easier to say that it doesn't exist when really i mean is: at this point in time, god is irrelevent. Rand, in my eyes, only was interested in practicality--Big Bang is just joking around, can the big bang theory, in itself, contribute much? will it help to fight cancer or aids? as we live in the 3rd dimension we cannot travel backwards in time AND humans are only given by nature a relatively short period of time for each lifespan the big bang (billions of years ago) evolution (takes thousands of years minimum)
  6. sorry, but i'm an idiot (college dropout) and i found holes in stephen hawking's reasoning in "a brief history of time"
  7. attached is .htm original i don't know much about computer formats, but i suggest you try THAT (attached file) and if that doesn't work then just read as i will copy a transcript below: Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:34 No.1498192 >White people shouldn't take pride in the achievements of their ancestors >White people should feel bad and apologize for the actions of their ancestors Liberal logic. >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)10:35 No.1498199 File1328456122.jpg-(819 KB, 1500x997, Diversity.jpg) inb4 liberals claim there is no such thing as w
  8. did not read entire OP's post Every piece of literature is based on a phenomenon found in the real world. i don't remember who said that but someone did
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