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  1. - How is the constitution relevant? Either option A is better, or option B is better - all depending on the context (what judicial system they have, in which cases will capitol punishment be implemented, etc). Both options can not be equally optimal. And whether the constitution says so or not is not relevant when it comes to what is the better option.
  2. - Does one need to explain it any further? Seems a decent justification? - Well, its not like you show up alone on monday afternoon scounting the place out, but I do go out with male friends to drink, have fun and pick up girls. Sometimes we make fools of ourselves, sometime some of us get lucky, it depends. But its always great fun and a decent end of the working week. - Im not saying its a lifestyle one would pursue consequently and exclusivly for the remainder of ones life, personally I'd like to settle down and maybe get a kid when im closer to 28-29. But thats still seven years away, so for the time being im contempt living life to the fullest. - Well, that depends. Off course your going to be more affectionate, but I dont think thats got so much to do with being "fake", more a direct result of consuming alcohol. This effects both parties, they are both aware of this, and it is still not something I see as selfdestructive. One could argue that this would "wear one out", and that you would not be able to appreciate a proper relationship. But in my experience thats not the case. My last relationship was not very long (bit over six months) - but it was really close and intimate, and the actual intercourse was something very different and much better and personal then the casual one. That does not meen theres anything wrong with the casual style, its just not AS good as a relationship. But if the latter is not an option at the given place and time, then the former is no vice, imo. - Im sorry, but I still dont see how this would necessarily lead to self-contempt..
  3. - I perceive it as a relative consensus, off course everyone does not agree, but the viewpoints expressed do not in a great deal differ. But my perception is merely based on scrolling through two threads, so it may be misinformed. - The attempt is fun for several reasons. For one you get to know alot of good looking girls, aswell as enforcing your social skills. You'll learn alot about how people function and what general outlooks people have on life. Off course to a very limited extent, but still its great fun. The result (given that you get a result) is something which gives you satisfaction and a great time, possibly over a significantly long amount of time. Does it give you much more then physical satisfaction? No. But that does not seem an argument for NOT doing it in the first place. - Its not wrong, but thats how your going to spend most of your nights, and some variance is quite exciting and necessary in my oppinion. I generally prefer the company of others to the isolation of my bed, TV or computer. Off course there can be to much of that aswell, for example in the military I lived with nine other guys in one room for the first two months. That was obviously less enjoyable. But all in all you need both, and a good way of ending a night out with your friends is definitly going home with someone other then your friends, or taking a cab back home. In my case much cheaper too, taxis are insanely expensive here, but I guess thats not much of an argument - Fair enough, I dont agree myself though, but still one cant apply morals subjectivly - does that meen theres a context where a more promiscuos sexual life could be moral? If not, why not?
  4. Going through this thread, aswell as some others, I cant really say I've seen your point. Obviously somebody can get pregnant, and you could get STDs - but the latter is quite rare (to date it have not occourd to me, and unless its something serious, which is extremely unlikely, it wouldnt be that big a deal). The pregnancy issue is obviously a risk-element, even if your both protected and she assures you she is an advocate of aborting non-planned fosters, but what are these other terrible lifeshattering consequences I get the impression everyone is so informed of? It seems people are under the impression that if you have sex with more people then the average, thats a result of low selfestem and will ultimately make you unhappy. Obviously we can all agree that it is more fulfilling having sex with someone your having a longer relationship with (all though waiting three months, as suggested previously, seems a bit of an overkill) then it is having casual sex with someone you barely know and met at a bar. However, the latter is still a significantly better experience then just heading home and (as previously recommended) masturbating. If your equating the two, either your competance in the one or other field is way above average - as the latter is nothing close to actually having intercourse. Me and my friends enjoy going to bars, and also like to socialise when where there. Trying to get a girl interested in you to the point where she lets you come back with her at the end of the evening is quite enthrilling aswell as challenging. Its not that you need her "validation" because your only value-estimation of yourself is based on the sexual perception others have of you - its something you attempt because you appreciate both the attempt and the result, should you get one. If one wants to make a moral argument against having sex with more then two people in ten years, one must argue thats its selfdestructive or alturistic to do so. In most cases its not alturistic, all though it obviously can be, but that is not what im proposing or practising. So the argument remaining is that its selfdestructive. Somewhere along the road your going to regret the fact that you sleept with so and so many women. How is this supposed to happen? I do however consider it, if not selfdestructive, atleast certainly not selfish, to deprive myself of this oppourtunity as long as im not in a commited relationship and as long as im still young and fit enough to effectivly "practice" it. Disclaimer: I consider myself 100% Objectivist on all other topics, just cant wrap my head around this issue. Based on personal experiences I would consider it a personal deprivation to follow what appears to be the Objectivist consensus
  5. - Did you not mention earlier that this fealing was mutual, and the only reason you've been backing off (given that you are telling the truth saying you have) is the present laws regarding sex with children? When it comes to what I think, its nothing strange about a thirteen year old girl wanting to do something sexual to you (that dosent meen she has a full understanding of what). Twenty year olds are usually more physically attractive then thirteen year old boys. But the fact that your considering this is wrong, first off its a betrail towards the girls parents - entrusting her with another adult, presumably thinking you have little intention of having sex with her. Secondly its highly disturbing that you would not sexually and socially prioritise girls your own age. There are no thirteen year olds girls I know interested in me, and why is that? Because I dont hang out with thirteen year old girls (!). And I would seriously advice you to meet more girls your age. You should quickly find them more attractive, intellectual (to some extent ) then this kid your mentoring. - I see no reason why parents should explain sex to there kids, beyond the basics regarding pregnancy and STDs. Most healthy thing is, in my oppinion, that they find this out on there own. There is obviously no problem with children experementing with eachother - but when there is an extensive agedifference, or an adult is involved, it becomes a case of abuse. Aswell as outright disgusting, obviously. - I havent seen it clearly mentioned earlier, but are you saying that you had intimite moments with other kids as a kid, or that adults had sex with you? The first is quite common. P.S. English is not my first language
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