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  1. Brook’s views on the vote count controversy are reviewed here.
  2. Yaron Brook thinks he got what he hoped for but there are many anomalies in the election. He came out November 5th or 6th saying that his “educated guess” is that there will be no “provable” vote fraud. He meant fraud either by those who want the Republicans to win or by those who want the Democrats to win, he sees the two groups as equally likely to engage in fraud. His arguments are ridiculous, see: Yaron Brook Show (starts at 9:44)
  3. Tucker Carlson may cover this but it looks like Fox News in general has gone over to the dark side.
  4. DonAthos, I gave my reasons for thinking that Bobulinski and Giuliani are telling the truth. Why do you think they are lying? They have a lot to lose here so calling them liars is a serious charge. Will charges be filed against the Biden crime family? The so called Department of Justice is corrupt as hell – again see the work of the late Rodney Stich – so it is very possible this will go nowhere. The Wall Street Journal article by Andrew Duehren and James Areddy of October 23rd about Bobulinski is behind a paywal but several other media outlets have published a recap which I’
  5. That is, lying about Biden's dealings with China. Beside Rudy Giuliani’s testimony see Interview of Tom Bobulinski (Tucker Carlson Tonight, October 27th 2020) Bobulinski is a businessman. He connects Biden to PRC – 20% equity in a deal (personally), brother 20%, son 20%, others the rest – "plausible deniability" around 17:45, falsely blaming Russia around 22:50. I think Bobulinski and Giuliani are telling the truth because they have documentation which can be checked for veracity, because they have no reason to lie about it and risk going to jail, and because of their manner.
  6. Biden is totally compromised. As many have said, he should be in jail, not running for president. Joe Biden Partnered with Chinese Communists for $30M by Rudy Giuliani, 28 October 2020.
  7. Biden isn’t just evil in the sense of evil politics, he is evil in the sense of corrupt as hell. A vote for “none of the above” does not help defeat Biden. Beside the Rudy Giuliani video at the end of my last post, see Interview of Tom Bobulinski (Tucker Carlson Tonight, October 27th 2020) He is a businessman, and connects Biden to PRC – 20% equity in deal (personally), brother 20%, son 20%, others the rest. "plausable deniablilty" around 17:45, falsely blaming Russia around 22:50.
  8. DonAthos, QAnon? Earlier I posted a link to Rudy Giuliani. From what little I’ve read about QAnon they sound like cranks. But just because there isn’t a secret group of perverts ruling the world doesn’t make the Jeffrey Epstein case disappear.
  9. DonAthos, Trump does something you acknowledge is good by itself, but in context it isn’t good. What happened to Biden in your analysis of this contextualized Trump? What Biden has done – and will do if president – may appear bad by itself, but in context it isn’t bad. ??? Coming up is an extraordinarily important election. At this point our concern should be comparing Trump with Biden. In that context I don’t much care if Trump is unprincipled. Furthermore I think you are doubly wrong in the example of Trump rescinding the Obama regulation that forced low-income hous
  10. Why “feel tainted” (to quote Ninth Doctor) voting for Trump in order to defeat Biden? Or, if you live in a blue (for sure Democrat) state, in order to make Biden’s victory as narrow as possible? If a thug holds a gun to your head you wouldn’t feel tainted by lying, tricking, doing anything to get away. The “system” is holding Biden to your head and the system is threatening to blow your brains out. Whatever color your state you should feel tainted voting for Biden. Rudy Giuliani on the Biden Crime Family
  11. DonAthos, I’m no fan of Bradley Thompson – he continues to defend Carl Barney and Richard Minns in that he blocked me on Twitter for bringing up their issues. But to give credit where it’s due he has been promoting Trump this election. For example this article, published in of all places The American Conservative: Donald Trump and the Revolt of the Unseen and part of the interview with Dave Rubin (39:40 to 41:45) Historian: Correcting Myths of The Founding Fathers Rubin Report August 29th 2020 (reviewed here). In the interview Thompson says: For one of the ugliest asp
  12. • Trump has the right enemies. For example the Deep State – he is so repellent it’s existence has become widely known through its brazen attacks. • He saw the political expediency of bringing up the immigration issue in public. • He pointed out the bias in the news – “fake news.” (Rand would have liked this one.) • He ended an Obama regulation that forced low-income housing onto suburbs. • He appointed Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch (founded by Larry Klayman), to a court oversight commission that can remove judges for misconduct. • He appointed three –
  13. There are important areas where Biden and his team are bad news under the sun. Biden and Kamala each have been asked repeatedly if they plan to “pack” the Supreme Court, that is, increase the number of judges from 9 to 11, and they refuse to answer the question – which of course answers the question. Biden or Kamala, and their extreme leftist backers – The Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley) – would choose the two new judges. Why do they want to do this if not to drastically change American policy? China has Biden by the short hairs. Yo
  14. Well, there are two very different situations, action and propaganda. In action something more consistently evil is probably worse than the same alloyed with good. In propaganda probably the reverse is true. Dictator wannabes mix truth with their lies the better to put them over. About the original post, at Shysters you’ll find more election quotes by Yaron Brook, Peter Schwartz, Robert Mayhew, and several others at ARI.
  15. MisterSwig posted something on Facebook that is relevant here: Videos are an inefficient way to get news and commentary but this 20 minute video – skipping commercials – by Rudy Giuliani is worth the extra time. Biden isn't just evil in the sense of evil politics, he is evil in the sense of corrupt as hell: How Joe Biden Got Millions in Foreign Bribes October 23rd 2020 Skimpy prose comment by Paul Craig Roberts: NPR, CNN, NYT, Wa-Po, MSNBC, Twitter, Facebook, Google Presstitutes Covering Up Biden Scandals by Refusing to Report on Them
  16. Trump’s obviously biased detractors think they know it. Even if true he could have seen the movie, screenplay by Rand. Trump’s handling of Biden in the debate has another articulate defender in Ilana Mercer. See Trump Floated Like A Butterfly and Stung Like A Bee
  17. Eiuol, “How do you know that kneeling on someone's neck doesn't interfere with breathing?” The windpipe, which is fairly rigid by itself, is well-sheathed by muscle and tendon on the right and left sides of the neck. For a muscular man like Floyd very much so. The type of restraint used on Floyd is taught in many police departments and it is explicitly authorized by the MPD. American police departments began learning it from the Israelis, traveling to Israel to train. I agree that this form of restraint should rarely be used. It can be dangerous if a lot of pressure is
  18. Eiuol, Even considerable pressure on the side of the neck doesn't interfere with breathing, and the office appears to be applying light pressure or even just touching. What you see in the video is a restraint technique, not a choke hold. Also, recall that Floyd complained of having trouble breathing before the police placed him on the ground. In fact they had Floyd in the police car and took him out at his own request and allowed him to lie on the ground. But they had to restrain him. This was an arrest that Floyd had resisted. Furthermore he was under the influence of drugs and
  19. According to the medical report the kneeling didn’t apply enough pressure to do any damage. Your complaint amounts to: The cops did nothing but wait for the ambulance and medics that they had summoned. What else were they supposed to do? What would you have done?
  20. whYNOT isn't stupid nor are his posts stupid. There is no stupidity to recognize.
  21. Ninth Doctor, Peikoff urged voting for the Democrat (Kerry) in the 2004 presidential election (that’s when he made his infamous “apocalyptic bad” remark) and a straight Democratic ticket in the 2006 Congressional election. I’ll add that second part to the footnote, thanks. The archive.org server hosting Peikoff.com’s 2006 page is down at the moment. This, from CapMag, will do as well: https://www.capitalismmagazine.com/2006/10/peikoff-on-the-2006-elections/ Peikoff is a smart guy, but ... well, at times what an idiot. The footnote is (now was) wrong about voting a straight
  22. Easy Truth, That alleged quote of Rand is actually a fairly good paraphrase of her off-the-cuff answer to a question at the Ford Hall Forum in 1973, long before the Hart-Celler Immigration Act (written by Norbert Schlei), which rescinded the Act of 1924, had had much effect. You can read the exact quote at Ayn Rand on Immigration.
  23. Easy Truth, You write: “... [Trump] has replaced the previous deep state with his own deep state.” Previous? Replaced? The Deep State continues to very much exist. Trump’s administration is in every way better than Obama’s. His biggest problem has been brought on by himself. Perversely, he has surrounded himself by his own enemies. Our so-called intelligence agencies are corrupt and not to be believed. I don’t know anything about Russia’s. Comparing Trump to Mao, or his actions to a Maoist revolution, is something Yaron Brook might say. It’s absurd, a prime exa
  24. Easy Truth, Most Americans (excluding Third World immigrants) want a more anti-immigration stand from their government. The tough job market is one reason but only one. That Trump delivered only part of what he promised on that issue during his last campaign is a liability for him how. Though Trump has been a disappointment he has done some good things. Probably the most important is that his administration made the existence of the “Deep State” – or whatever you want to call corrupt rogue bureaucrats and those who pull their strings – public knowledge. And he has been slowly – too
  25. If anyone is still interested in the goings on at the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook has come out strongly in support of Biden for President: Yaron Brook Show The article “Biden is Our Only Hope” comments on this in detail. You can find it by searching on biden yaron "christian right" using Google (Bing and DuckDuckGo won’t work); “christian right” must be in quotes. You will learn that after Brook’s comments it became known that Leonard Peikoff had donated $250 to Trump’s campaign. So far Brook hasn’t commented on having once said that no “Trump apologist” should call him
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