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  1. (I hope this is a good place to post this) I've just self-published science-fiction novella (77 pages), entitled Liberty, Daughter of 9/11, and need reviewers for it. If you're an objectivist blogger, site owner, or anyone else whose name I can drop at objectivist parties, I'd like to send you a free signed copy in exchange for your input. This is a review edition and as such is still scheduled for another round of editing. There are a dozen or two typos, but mainly I'm looking for peer input, especially where something might be vague to the reader. There's more info about the book at my website: My Webpage If your interested, email me at the address below. I'll be printing the best (i.e. most favorable) reviews in the first edition. [email protected] Ed
  2. Another approach to casting the Atlas movie could be to have talented unknowns play the major roles but give superstars, like Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel, the role of the strikers. Aren't the strikers supposed to be legends? I think Mel Gibson as Wyatt blowing up his oil fields, or Dagny running into Sean Connery as Hugh Akston, or racing to prevent Harrison Ford from falling into the hands of the "Destroyer" would have a big emotional impact. I can see audience members feeling a sense of loss that is analagous to Dagny's as they watch their own heroes (favorite actors) vanish one by one. Brad Pitt might not make a good John Galt, but seeing him as the brakeman, whistling Halley's Concerto with a knowing gleam in his eye just might knock a few people on their asses, especially when Dagny meets up with them all in Galt's Gulch!
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