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  1. I'm considering this suggestion, but if he doesn't reply on his own, woulndn't that indicate that he's not interested? I suppose there would be nothing wrong with a polite phone call, but I might expect a negative response.
  2. Dear (Company President), I am contacting you to re-explore the possibility of working for (Company Name). As you know, I was unable to fulfill my commitment to you last year. It has been an immense regret, and I apologize for taking your time. Although I was always enthusiastic about the position, at the time of my last hiring, I was preoccupied with a worrisome health issue, which I kept to myself, that weighted heavily on my mind and contributed to my uncertainty. I know you have a business to run, and I understand why you withdrew the offer. Looking back with the clarity of hindsi
  3. Thank you very much for all of the suggestions, especially the edits.
  4. The company is located outside of the coutnry and we never met face to face the first time, so I guess not. It's a highly unconventional arrangement.
  5. It's a small company and I'm reasonable certain that the same company President is still in charge of hiring.
  6. Last year I committed to a particular job that I was highly enthusiastic about, but for several reasons, uncertain whether it was right for me. After weeks of deliberateion, I ended up wavering at the last minute and let the opportunity slip. I posted about it here last May: http://forum.objecti...461#entry292574 I deeply regret that I did not take the job then and want to approach the employer and ask for another chance. I have no idea what my odds are, but I have nothing to lose by trying. I wrote a letter that I'm not quite satisfied with. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
  7. So, I really need a job, but it's hard for me to get one due to lack of experience. My long-term goal is to work as a precious metals broker. It would help a lot to have some kind of sales/phone experience, or just any work experience. I recently applied at a debt collection agency -- not my idea of fun, but it's a start getting experience on the phones -- and they invited me for an interview. Only after setting one up for next week did I bother to look into the company, and I was a little bit disturbed by what I found: tons of reports from supposed debtors claiming that the company had
  8. I'm unemployed and have been for a long time. I'm reduced to a position where I have to take any job I can get just because it's a job. My odds of finding anything are disimal. But I don't just need work, I need some kind of productive purpose to give my life meaning. I've been inactive for so long that I now have no idea what that would even be. Looking throug the jobs on craigslsit, most of them are so purposeless and unfulfilling that, even if I could get them, I think I'd hate them so bad that I'd be unable to succeed at them. Meanwhile, Obama and Bernanke are committed to doin
  9. From The VoS: "Man’s emotional mechanism works as the barometer of the efficacy or impotence of his actions. If severe and prolonged enough, the absence of a normal, active flow of value-experiences may disintegrate and paralyze man’s consciousness—by telling him that no action is possible." This has happened to me. How do I overcome this?
  10. I don't wanna name names, but if I did, I don't think anyone here would conclude I had gotten mixed up with a scammer.
  11. It's no scam - the owner of the company has an impeccable reputation and is considered a hero in free market circles.
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