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  1. Well it's just cool is all. And it would help to explain the weirdnesses in quantum mechanics and relativity -you know via the digital physics paradigm.
  2. A physicist named James Gates, at the University of Maryland, recently discovered a pattern called an "adinkra" in the equations of superstring theory that encoded a strange string of binary code. Now the wild part. It turns out that this "random string of binary code" was a very particular kind of error correction code invented by a scientist named Claude Shannon in the 1940's! It's used today in internet browser's. They said they have no idea what it's doing there, and it appears to be completely artificial. Oddly enough though it's also found at the most fundamental laws of physics! A strange, but probable explanation is the "Simulation Hypothesis" proposed by Nick Bostrom, which basically says that in the future there will be millions of simulations that LOOK like the real world but aren't. And so the odds that we are not in one of these right now is astronomically improbable. I guess we are in the Matrix. What do you make of this?
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