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  1. While the Supreme Court upheld government's right to tax and spend, I believe it redefined the individual's "Pursuit of Happiness" into becoming a mandate to pursue the happiness of all. We've taken one giant leap towards becoming the USSA.
  2. It isn't my definition by common usage. https://www.google.c...iw=1280&bih=885 Making a bad decision isn't evil per se, because one learns from mistakes. However the practice of intentional contradictory behavior, e.g. ascribing some personal benefit to an action presumed to be personally non-beneficial, meets one element of the common usage of the word 'evil', whether or not you are aware of the recognition of this behavior by others.
  3. A game of words can only be played by agreeing on rules, i.e. definitions. Altruism, by design and definition, requires a denial of self, e.g. "selfless" or "unselfish". Can anyone choose a behavior without giving preference to their own choice? The statement, "I want to be unselfish", appears contradictory in that it imlpies I want to act without regard to what I want. The statement, "You ought to be unselfish (like me)", appears equally contradistory by expressing a 'selfish' desire for others to act without regard to what 'I' want. The definition of 'evil', as that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune, implies that any attempt to practice contradictory behavior is evil, whether self imposed, or imposed on others.
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