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  1. Couldn't agree more. What can they have been thinking? At first glance it looks like two skeleton bones upright. At second glance it looks like two pillars from classical architecture (the kind that Roark disliked). I guess it's just a Roman numeral without any symbolism, though. In any case, horrible unimaginable work.
  2. How about the Ryugyong Hotel of North Korea? Construction began in 1987 with planned completion in 1989, but after several delays construction was halted. It stood topped out but without windows or interior fittings for the next sixteen years. Construction eventually resumed, and it was expected to officially open in April 2012, but didn't. It's still considered a work in progress. I'll also throw in the Trabant, which was the most common vehicle within the former communist states of Eastern Europe.
  3. Not to mention the most frequently used prop in Brook's pro-capitalist lectures. It might serve as a symbol of Silicon Valley, as well.
  4. Silicon Valley is probably the greatest wonder of capitalism, though it might not fit all your criteria. How about the Petronas Twin Towers? I believe they're privately constructed and privately owned. They're the tallest twin buildings in the world, and definitely have the "shining beacon of capitalism" look.
  5. So which class would be most suitable for an Objectivist gamer? At a first glace, the Barbarian (Attila) and the Witch Doctor are ruled out as they're the most frequently used metaphors of evil. The Wizard, although intelligent and civilized, represents irrational metaphysics and epistemology and is also ruled out. The Monk is ruled out due to being a living embodiment of altruism and mysticism. That leaves the ruggedly individualistic and resourceful Demon Hunter—who is practically a medieval Iron Man—as the most suitable class.
  6. Fair enough. It was a quick and informal way of pointing out that he's a principled high-profile Objectivist. Didn't mean it in a snide way, and wouldn't have addressed him that way formally.
  7. It has recently been decided that John A. Allison—Mr. Objectivist himself—will replace Ed Crane as CEO of the Cato Institute. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this, particularly in regards to the future of the Cato Institute and the relationship between it and the Ayn Rand Institute. I imagine Yaron Brook and John A. Allison, who seem to get along splendidly, may coordinate the efforts of their respective organizations. Sources: Dollars & Crosses - Professor John Allison will Become Cato Institute’s New CEO National Review - Kochs, Cato Reach Settlement Cato Daily Podcast - A Koch v. Cato Settlement
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