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    My Name is Sridharan...I am from India..Till date i was taught only to compromise and follow meaningless traditions.So far everything in my life turned out to be a disaster.I read Ayn rand very late in my life(21)..now i am 25....and at the edge of life...All the things i wish to practice lead me towards compromising my integrity......although by 21 i had already compromised a lot.I have not done anything criminal or fraud......but for a better life it seems like there is no other way than to compromise on the social values and reasoning....My behaviour my attitude everything has been programmed so far into believing self sacrifice..Now i need to reprogram and start from zero ....which will be very difficult.But as long as i choose to live i dont think any other way is possible....I ,for one,know that compromise with reason is definitely the path to destruction...I have experimented it in my life....
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    I find it extremely hard to follow especially in my country....where the conditions of living are very very different .But every time i read fountainhead or atlas shrugged i just feel happy that such world was possible even if it was only in Ayn rand's imagination.....Till today i am yet to find a perfect example of Howard Roark....It seems to be a work of fiction till date.....Crossing my fingers and hoping....
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    Godrej and boyce
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    yet to discover

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