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  1. I suppose the contradictory statements are as follows: 1.It is wrong to receive un-earned value (cake). 2.It is right to receive un-earned value (organ). I think that the organ is legitimately unearned. Many altruists give without accepting payment, they just won't let you "earn" the value that they are trying to give. To accept this form of value would be immoral (cake, etc). The organ situation is the same - an altruist is offering a value (his life), and rejecting compensation. Is it only in life or death situations in which it is acceptable to receive un-earned value at the expense of
  2. No, I haven't heard of this happening. And, yes, I've read "Ethics of Emergencies" when I read The Virtue of Selfishness. I just re-read it and found a few applicable quotes: "if one is drowning, one cannot expect a stranger to risk his life for one's sake, remembering that one's life cannot be as valuable to him as his own." This is the equivalent to the scenario that I proposed. I am drowning, or dying in need or organ, and I agree I cannot expect anyone to save me or donate their organ. What Rand never did was write from the perspective of the person being saved. Suppose it is you
  3. I recently had a discussion with a friend about objectivism. I explained that I am against an unequal exchange of value either in the form of giving or receiving. I used Galt's analogy of the cake: "I who do not accept the unearned, neither in values or in guilt, am here to ask the questions you evaded. Why is it moral to serve the happiness of others, but not your own? If enjoyment is a value, why is it moral when experienced by others but immoral when experienced by you? If the sensation of eating cake is a value, why is it immoral indulgence in your stomach, but a moral goal for you to
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