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  1. Straw man argument. You're afraid of debating the facts, because you're a greedy, callous know-nothing.
  2. No, just all seven indepedently shot videos of WTC 7 collapsing show it to be a controlled demolition. 9/11 was a perfect example of what Rand warned about, when the looters of society conspire with the jackals to destroy wealth and opportunity. It was the military industrial complex that did 9/11, and the Establishment mass media produced bogus propaganda to blame it on foreigners. Rand effectively foretold 9/11, but now her enemies like you are happy to misconstrue what she taught to justify new forms of looting such as fracking. WTC 7:
  3. If you review the evidence, your mind will be made up for you. Watch:
  4. Pumping carcinogens and antifreeze into the water supply, which is what fracking entails, is not the same as oil shale extraction. Anyhow Rand clearly was not a scientist. She insisted smoking was safe, after all.
  5. If you think DDT is safe, please be my guest and eat some of it. Same with fracking fluids, you'll love the flavor.
  6. Popular Mechanics lost all credibility when they cheerfully lied about 9/11, claiming that small fires caused an entire building (WTC building 7) to collapse at free-fall speed.
  7. So perfectly fine water supplies suddenly become bubbly and polluted with fracking fluids, which includes antifreeze, and your response is to blame the victims -- to blame private citizens who get poisoned because of crony capitalists (frackers) are paying off corrupt politicians. You'd be guilty in Rand's view.
  8. No, the evidence is abundant and growing that fracking is horribly dangerous. It's the crony capitalists who say otherwise. The companies that do fracking lie to their workers about the risks, they lie to the affected public, they lie to the media. They have the moral legitimacy of Charles Manson. Objectivism is not about greed and looting, as fracking advocates might like to claim it is. It's about stopping nightmare scenarios like what happened in Stalin's Russia, or what is happening today in America with fracking, banker bailouts, and lobbyists controlling Congress, which Rand called collectivism.
  9. No, the evidence shows it is exceedingly damaging to the water supplies, to people's health, and to private property. You're not allowed to have your own facts, and denial of evidence does not constitute an opinion. Fracking is the nightmare of collectivism that Rand predicted. Watch:
  10. The use of fracking fluids to extract natural gas, which pollutes water supplies of innocent people forever and destroys private land value, is an example of the "looting" that Rand opposed. Fracking is made possible because of corrupt politicians who waive regulations that otherwise maintain environmental justice and private property rights. In short fracking is possible because of what Rand called "collectivism", better called corporatism, namely the collusion between crony capitalists and government. And yet at the end of the first Atlas Shrugged movie, natural gas extracters are hinted at as being an example of the "achievers". In truth they are nothing of the kind.
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