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  1. How about just looking at speed in terms of miles per hour/ kilometres per hour. for example, lets say it is a five hundred meter race. the tortoise has a five meter head start. lets say that the runner runs at ten meters per second, the tortoise at one. the runner will reach the finish line, 500m away, in 50 seconds (500/10=50) the tortoise will reach it in 495 seconds (500-5(head start)=495) seeing as the runner reaches the finish line much faster then the tortoise, but starts further back, we have to logically conclude that the runner overtook the tortoise.
  2. The pro/anti independance split as prety much 50/50. I personaly support independance 100%. Westminister, who have most of the control in the uk, are almost solely concerned with Engalnd, with very little wory for Scotland. Independance would let us decide our own course and give us fair representation in the EU, if we decide to join. The argument against is almost compleatly economical, but there is no conclusive proof that we would be worse off. We have proven that we can handle power (we have a partialy devolved parlement with lmited decision making abilities) so now it is time for us to walk on our own two feet! By the way, Reidy, Just having historical figures in our past that don't support Objectivism doesn't mean that Scots nowadays wont support it.
  3. Ninth Doctor, In response to the grammer/spelling mistakes, I have a very small keyboard. sue me. Nicholas Dykes is, as you say, from Herefordshire, AKA England. Us Scots historicaly don't like the English. In fact, we are having a referendum on gaining independance from the UK in 2014. As for John Galt being Scottish, This is intresting, but I was more looking for someone to discuss Scottish matters with (like the independance referendum.)
  4. I am from scotland and have made a starteling descovery. I seem to be the only scotish Objectivist. Will someone please prove me wrong.
  5. I honestly don't know much about labor laws, but I would ask the boss to be paid on work done, not on time taken. Plus, if you get confirmation from the receptionist that she will pass a memo along, then the blame would be on her if the boss didn't get it.
  6. Fall Out Boy. Jimmy Eat World. My Chemical Romance. In my opinion, the three best bands ever made (Green Day a close fourth)
  7. That is what my dad said would happen, but then who gets the procedes of the auction?
  8. I was discusing what would happen if my country was to become capitalist with my brother yesterday and he brought up a very good point. what would happen to publicly owned things like roads and the like. I said that they would be sold of, but I am not sure about that. If someone has any idea, then I would very mch apreciate it.
  9. Personaly, I think the question is do you consider your organs as personal property. If so, would the persong giving away the organ just be doing the same as giving you, for example, a christmas gift, just taken to the extreame?
  10. Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety Benjamin Franklin
  11. From a compleatly practical point, galts gulch is way too small for its purpous. You can't rebuild the planet in such a small area, and as the immoral political serario had tumbled, why should they have to try?
  12. I wwould like to make one thing clear. The man was wrongly convicted.He should have never been convicted, and was aloud to return home on "compasionant grounds" to die of his incurable bowle cancer. he should not have been sent home on "compasionant grounds", but by virtue of his innocence.
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