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  1. I watched about half of a presentation he gave at OCON and so far he is 100% political animal , waiting for the sciency guy to emerge.
  2. To paraphrase Marx , " I wouldn't be a member of any tribe that would let me in their sweatlog." I'm not sure if the funding is or should be an issue about the reasonable-ness of scientific findings when those findings come from voices that gloss over the fact that observation and data collection of multiyear studies can be reasonably compressed to nth/year studies and still hold the same standards of reliability.
  3. IF masking and vaccines are proving to be effective , which increasingly doesn't seem to be the case.
  4. To clarify is this discussion centered on when in principle it is legitimate for government to take action against the spread of infectious disease as abstraction ? Or discussing the Covid epidemic specifically and whether or not current government action aligns with principles of good governance ?
  5. Duck and weave , most think the weaving is simply extraneous to their detriment.
  6. Are the current slate of covid vaccines “leaky”? Do they offer a significant brake on transmission with a demonstrated safety for all potential recipients? Do we not need to answer these questions before applying moral arguments for mandating policy for their use ? Their use seems at this point to demonstrate a therapeutic effect against disease severity among recipients but they do not seem to provide a blanket brake on transmission, if that were the case , is an argument for mandated use appropriate in regards to initiation of force principles ?
  7. And a disgrace that the upper echelon of military command is more than tolerant of as there has not been one resignation, aside from a Marine Commander asking for accountability.
  8. I had a similar thought when I read the OP. But more along the lines that wealth or capital would be produced. Though at the loss of creativity and ingenuity that such a system stifles. Material wealth or capital would be produced but its production and subsequent use would be less efficient. Capitalism is based primarily in morality, practical praxis notwithstanding.
  9. Honestly I was responding to your phrasing, it 'felt' like you saying that businesses have a right to control their employees actions. By being 'concrete' I was trying to show how the principle of freedom of association would 'look' in the 'real world'. As an individual I alone would make the decision to be vaccinated or not, an employer can/has the right to set employment criteria that I may consider. As I said it was tone.
  10. If , as in the example, the shooter can not be sure if they are firing blanks or bullets , how do we accurately assign any blame? China absolutely knew there were live rounds. That's the shooter that needs to be aimed 'at'.
  11. So treat the wounded and stay out of the line of fire. What else is there? So far the only being offered is a cloudy mixture of therapeutic care and leaky vaccines( which even in the best light can only be seen as preemptive therapeutic care) ? Lockdowns do more harm and will not eradicate viral transmission , unless they are implemented universally and permanently.
  12. My position is that everyone is reasonable for their own health. How is a recognition of the principle of free association backing off that position? If one has the position that being in public without symptoms of the plague is an initiation of force then vaccines should be mandated as self-defense , no ?
  13. I suppose I was responding to tone . I was provoked to retreat to a more concrete filter. So I’ll grant that an employer can ‘require’ that a condition of employment would be vaccination And that requirement would apply to any potential employee.
  14. Analogous to having the right to free speech but not your printing press.
  15. My employer can not require me to get vaccinated, they can inform Me that they will only allow vaccinated individuals to be employed at their business.
  16. Businesses don't have the right to require employees or customers get vaccinated. They do as individuals have the right to freedom of association.
  17. Or it could be that Beattie doesn't understand law enforcement and prosecutorial discretion and therefore infers manipulation.
  18. Do you think mass inoculation during a pandemic with a leaky ‘vaccine’ is a good idea ? Is this considered good practice in virology?
  19. On Bannon’s War Room podcast , Darren Beattie of Revovler News explains that the reason they ‘found’ scant evidence is they can now shut down further ‘investigation’ before the militia groups will be exposed as having been infiltrated and instigated into performing the ‘insurrection’.
  20. I’m not worried that the redneck riviera will someday sprout minarets, at least in my lifetime. But Brennan is a curious case , no ? I’m more worried about godless Chinese communists , in my lifetime.
  21. What’s not about Afghanistan? After all.
  22. It would have to be to , otherwise it was just a trillion dollar boondoggle. Islam in general doesn’t seem to be making Europe any ‘better’.
  23. I agree it is not as simple as ideology. I was asking in the context of a justification of the occupation/nation building. And specifically about the concrete example of Afghanistan .
  24. When you say Al Qaeda , do you mean a threat this nation faces of terrorism based on Islamic ideology in general? Or do you mean that our occupation of Afghanistan was based on protecting America from one faction or subgroup that was powerful enough to be an equal or greater threat than the entirety of Islamic terrorism?
  25. Well not everything, corticosteroid use for inflammation treatment is now widely accepted treatment and possibly the use of monoclonal antibodies. Oh and 15 days(!!) to flatten the curve, beyond that, I got nada.
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