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  1. Are these scenerios analagous? 1 someone secures proper and legal title and deed to , in one night, a swath of property extending one foot around a condo complex , wallls it in and in the morning charges all the owners of the units egress fees. 2 someone may secure proper and legal title and deed, in one night, to the downhill properties of an area akin to Malibu Ca , and then advertise ransom rates to stop owner from undermining local topograghy. These are examples of exercising property rights yes?
  2. Are you here saying that in your Oist society every individual would act rationally? Or do you grant that given an "Oist society"( a term I doubt Rand would sanction as used here) that some may act irrationally? If your answer is the former then there would be no conflicts, given what you postulate as being the actions of rational individuals, landlocked owners would pay fees or surrender ownership ect. But if you can conceive of the latter, a more likely scenerio as it's closer to reality( man is not infallible, there will be irrational acters) what would be the wallers legitimate reaction to
  3. As an aside, I've often wondered why electric producing companies actively encourage the consumers of the product to use less of it. Is it not analogous to Coke or Pepsi advertising "yeah tastes great, but seriously are the last 4 ounces as refreshing as the first? Just drink half of it"
  4. If the unfortunate event of ever having to deny her that pleasure should come to pass, it would be even more unfortunate than you think. I would hate to think she has to struggle through life with such a diminished level of perceptual awareness , that would ever have mistaken me for a current/former member of a boy band. Though if Bar Rafeli had the same impairment I may not bring up the issue of voting.
  5. Why are the majority of people who voted for Romney, idiots? And how then do you describe the better peoples' choice? I do not understand the extra-moral mentality of supposed oists who justify abetting a monster, to prove a political point that will only materialize after a second term. The election results maps show that there may be a future Republican party, but the chances they win a presidential election are about as remote as a third party candidate winning the office of the president.
  6. crikey I was gonna say Sheldon's favorite number but I dont remember what it was
  7. Definately benevolent universer here. My point is capitalism is metaphysical, it is an aspect of rational animals. Mankind enjoys betterment based on the level of recoginition of that fact.
  8. In the chewing aspect this is interesting. Prior to lets just say 1776 property ownership was ultimately controlled by the British monarchy, an arguement could be made that the King utimately built all roads while at the same time allowing private rights to be enjoyed by the subjects of the various colonies. My point being when America came into being as a sovereign state ,say by 1789, all landowners were longer no in legal possession of property at the behest of the prior legally recognized government. I guess my point here that one will encounter,more likely than not on Oist blogs/forums, th
  9. And if you want to use these thought exercises as mere entertainment, it would be more fun to bring them to a more esoteric level. Would Roark be the waller or the wallee in this scenerio? Would he act to purposely reduce the physical enjoyment of ownership of one or more of his neighbors? Or would he conclude that his only moral alternative is to purchase a vertically ascending vehicle,assuming the waller didn't also restrict his airspace ie antiaircraft weaponary? Or wait that would silly because in a capitalist society that type of weaponary would be considered beyond the pale of purely def
  10. It seems discussions of this sort, the what if format, try to show or question the possibility that in a truly rational society would there ever be rights in conflict. I would submit that the answer is always no, rights are never in conflict. Rand ,I think, was very clear on why this is never the case. So when I encounter these seemingly specious arguements I try and find where the line of reasoning blanked out on the premise, eg check your premises. Just because you construct sentences with words and concepts doesn't legitimize the core of the reasoning.(Rationalism) Rand said her philosophy
  11. number 2 should say when I see the word sheeple it reminds of a man named xyz, I don't realize I was using his venacular, I had to google him the planet guy?
  12. it's still apt day two post election , in a week i willl refrain from use
  13. The candidates' positions are secondary to the voting public's. (sheeple)
  14. Given today's technology payroll taxes can be collected electronically. We are on our third generation of wage earners to have weekly deductions taken from their paychecks by their employers. I can't imagine many of those people realize how mandatory deductions came to be , let alone that it is not an inherent feature of a capitalistic society. Weekly deductions by employers were legislated during WWII, to help fund the war effort and were passed on a temporary basis set to expire after the end of hostilities. Currently employers are required to make deductions from each pay issuance, weekly p
  15. If he observed he would be old, but i think in this context the idiomatic connotation is to note
  16. You don't if your intention is to rear a beggar.
  17. I'm under the impression you should not have children.(to puzzler)
  18. Maybe they are just cursing the people that support the administration for things like Obama phones and EBT cards. Or those who agree with Obama's foreign policy, the hard part is telling them apart from those who just don't want a repressive theocracy a la Scudder, so it's easier to just curse them all.
  19. Aside from criminality and the spread of disease, and assuming the end of welfare statism. We should only look to curtail immgration or emmigration when we literally run out of land.
  20. And if there is a administration change, I would think there will be a lot of the photoppy things where things are signed in a public forum. I wish a could make a suggestion to the transition team; that being they should look for a new federal pen supplier it seems lately that they only work for one letter's worth of ink.
  21. I dont understand do you mean you do not understand what gasoline prices on a retail level would be, during an emergency, or non emergency? Either way the answer is what the market will bare. It is also illegal for gasoline retailers to show on signage the break down of the sales tax. Since some states charge a percentage , they must like gouging.
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