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  1. Do you mean a high percentage of blacks are situated in the underclass, or that the underclass is made up of mostly black people, or both ? Sexual predation and substance abuse aren’t necessarily limited to those in a specific socio-economic strata. Though those behaviors are highly associated with membership in the ‘lower classes’, poor education is likely a more causal factor.
  2. How long before the CCP decides to release the contents of that hard-drive?, if the Alaska debacle is any indication the ball is squarely in their court.
  3. I’ve often wondered if the reason plants in general eschew the energies that produce ‘green’ in the visible spectrum will have exploitable properties in energy harvesting. Green technology?
  4. Perhaps the best description of the type of leftist ideologues most seem to be referencing in these threads comes from the Chinese “baizuo”.
  5. The 'system' in this sense would be the election procedures ; extended mail in ballot, signature/id exemptions, improper chain of custody, ect, all procedures that fail the test for constitutional legitimacy. In Wisconsin one of the justices, during the hearing, referred to Trump as 'your boy the racist'( not verbatim but close), as far as corruption , that statement alone is blatantly prejudicial, especially coming from a justice. And as to massive, some of the contested results were in states that the margin of Biden's 'victory' is only a percentage of the amount of questionable votes/ballots. Were any cases thrown out on merit? I think they were all dismissed on procedural findings .
  6. The 500 absentee ballot collection sites, "drop boxes" funded by Mark Z, and dispersed through out 72 counties in Wisconsin were illegal. Their use was established by guidance from WEC and not established by the state's legislature. The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected the challenge and relief sought based on the reasoning that the case fell under 'laches' and reasoning that the relief sought would disenfranchise voters who followed the WEC guidance. There may have not been a 'law on the books' that explicitly prohibited the use of drop boxes, but election law isn't based on the idea that all things are legal as long as it is not explicitly prohibited, election law and procedures for conducting elections is established by the state legislature. A dissenting opinion in the case references the difference between establishing law and procedures and the role of the Wisconsin Election Comm in following the state's laws and procedures , as opposed to the idea that the WEC may set procedures.
  7. To unload the question, isn't it correct to say that Zuckerberg disrupted the election process by funding ballot 'drop boxes'?
  8. All in all, what evidence is weak? What court examined the 'evidence'? Courts determined the claims of vote counting malfeasance were too weak to be heard. Zuckerberg gave hundreds of millions of dollars to facilitate and enhance the disruption of chain of custody of ballots , and then privately censors the discussion of those facts. Is that because his actions were well intentioned and he only seeks to maintain a non-obnoxious online community ?
  9. How did Hong Kongers miss Trump’s obvious totalitarianism, or did they see it too and just prefer that brand as opposed to the CCP’s?
  10. Under the US Constitution , religious Christians are more of a threat to personal liberty than trans rights activists? After four years of evangelical support Trump didn't overturn Roe v Wade, yet on day one ,literally, Biden effectively ended the idea of women's sport.
  11. Odder still for a left liberal , he believes there is merit to discuss the irregularities in the election and after three years of not supporting Trump he voted for him this year, being from the left he pulls for the underdog and given that Biden was being pushed by the “state run media” , Trump was the obvious choice. Man is he duped !
  12. Odd that I mentioned he stated his views, without describing them, but you describe it as an attack.
  13. Having a hard time reconciling 'internal nature' and 'sinking to the bottom of a lake' , given its internal motive power , having a lake form over it feels better .
  14. I just watched James Lindsay on the Glenn Loury show and about mid-way through you get his take on the post-modern influences of CRT.
  15. More like making a choosing between existents than entertaining the arbitrary.
  16. ET So since the fall of the USSR power mongers no longer seek to subjugate based on spreading Marxist ideologies? And a larger more powerful threat to civilization comes from a snarky retort by a guy who killed his brother because G_d showed favor on his brother and not him , meaning he wasn't going to be able to marry his sister with the biggest boobs ?
  17. So the means justify the ends ? Stephen?
  18. I've seen interviews from the early 90's or even late 80's of Trump saying western leaders should engage North Korea in dialogue. Jong Un just happened to be the instantiation of the Kim dynastic dictatorship on his watch.
  19. I think a proper system is always an aspiration, but a human system of any kind will be fallible. A nation of laws and not Men is an abstract aspiration, as men author and apply laws.
  20. A benevolent distinction could point to nationalism as expressed in collective participation in organizing and maintaining a civil society based on the recognition and protection of individual rights , as opposed to an organizational scheme based on the abrogation of rights imposed by force. I see the populist push for an American Nationalsim as recognizing the current collective desire to seek the former as opposed to and as reaction to a perceived instantiation of the latter.
  21. The 23 rd amendment allows the citizens of DC to cast ballots for the Pres and VP.
  22. Oh crap, I keep getting duped. Good fact checking, thanks. Senator Paul pledged to spend the next two years going to the states to demand they change their election laws and procedures to ensure free and fair elections. Sounds like a waste of time and effort, we just had the fairest and freest election ever, all our institutions say so.
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