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  1. So anytime there is evidence that a communicable disease is making its way through a population , face masks and social distancing are the rational and moral mode of behavior? Or just with the China Death Plague ? Is there any evidence that social distancing and face masks prevent spread?
  2. My estimation of Trump’s support led me to believe that he would win re-election and that if he didn’t win , it would be because of vote count manipulation. Sharing that sentiment cemented my conspiratorial nature and had me being branded as beyond naive and prey to vicious lies designed to overthrow the rule of law. I have to say I’m still comfortable in my deluded state and not ready to abandon it. The liars’ lies still seem plausible, the lies only seem to be more and more plausible , are they that well crafted ? Am I still blinded and completely deluded?
  3. I do like tactical deceptions, more to the point . How long has it been , since a billion dollars is just a billion dollars, seriously 10 yrs ? Biden's peacocking at the CFR about having the juice to withhold the billion from Ukraine.. " ..and son of bitch he got fired..." was an example of how endemic the corruption and pilfering of the US really is , no ? The right sees it as an excuse to voice an uproar against Biden's personal corruption but with no equal uproar about an aid package like that for Ukraine, and that was a billion in what 2015 or 14 ? How many packages are doled out like that every year to how many entities? Yeah Trump didn't convince enough of the electorate to win a second term, that's what got him.
  4. It’s only going one way Build Back Better . Enjoy
  5. I’m saying it is beyond obvious that the “media” colluded with Biden’s campaign to provide the most favorable coverage possible , including stifling information harmful to the campaign and Biden personally, while simultaneously attacking Trump. Odd that Trump’s impeachment wasn’t a talking point . One would think impeachment would cast doubt on a president’s credibility.
  6. So the DNC/ Biden persuaded a majority of voters to view their policies as good ? A majority of American voters back the Democrat Party platform? Biden as a leader articulated a cohesive enough argument to persuade a majority? The campaign had no advantage or assistance to their efforts in formulating the presentation and dissemination of their policies that Trump’s campaign did not enjoy to the same extent? The main media and social media platforms acted independently and covered the candidates in equitable fashion. Seeing or pointing out bias in treatment to the respective campaigns is fringe thinking ? Or is the argument that media plays a negligible role in affecting public opinion? Covid coverage, riot coverage none of it was slanted and or had little effect?
  7. I think you mean Tom Rorow. All the credible sources say he was fired for disputing the president’s false claim of fraudulent elections.
  8. DA I feel duped. From now on I’ll only trust the credible sources , I almost fell for the disinformation on Hunter Biden too. All that crap just to denigrate the most honorable majority vote getter, that extremely capable salt of the earth humble public servant.
  9. 3 hours ago, tadmjones said: I believe there is a concerted effort between the establishment/deep state/media/big tech to remove Trump and install Biden. I think the pandemic provided 'them' opportunity to increase the level of chicanery in the way the election was carried out. Okay, I wish we had a label that said "fringe nutjobs, do not feed". ok, Jack, I'll go on hunger strike
  10. I believe Trump won the election, I doubt he lost any support among his 'base' and seemed to have garnered more support from parts of the electorate that voted against him in 2016. I believe there is a concerted effort between the establishment/deep state/media/big tech to remove Trump and install Biden. I think the pandemic provided 'them' opportunity to increase the level of chicanery in the way the election was carried out.
  11. I honestly don't know what you mean by a QAnoner. I'm q-curious , non binary on the provenance of q's identity. I read the posts at qanon.pub , I click on the hyper links and view that content. I'll do a little 'googling' on some people, places or things mentioned. I don't use twitter, but I end up reading threads thereon just because a lot of articles link to threads on Twitter. I am a fan of the phenomenon , worldwide, because I think it galvanized attention aimed at 'combatting' the power and manipulations of the globalists/technocrats/kleptocrats/deep state operators, not necessarily that 'they' form a cohesive or homogeneous 'cabal', but 'their' efforts and goals align toward a broader degradation of the concept of the sanctity of individual rights. Do I believe pedophilia is the sine qua non defining characteristic and operative force behind the bad actors ? Not exactly, but I do not believe that those associated with those activities are in a minority that is with out significance. I do believe puppet masters recruit and entice with all manner of aberrant behaviors in order to compromise people and extend their power and influence. And I think DJT is a patriot. In 2016 I hoped he was going to be a real wrecking ball crashing through DC , he fulfilled my hope in spades and now I honestly believe he is a patriot. So am I an 'anoner' ?
  12. Yeah Biden won, no strings. Countries around the world put in place public policy that had never been heard of prior , no strings.
  13. I've been cynical and jaded about my estimations of our institutions since reading Rand in the 80s , maybe I've been q'ed before it was cool.
  14. I think the globalist/technocrat/deep state/ cabal 's power was being weakened by Trump's administration ( the coup), and I am fearful .
  15. I mean I doubt Trump lost the election to Biden, I believe there is an ongoing coup. But I fear it may not succeed.
  16. I doubt he lost to Biden. ( in the 2019 meaning of those words)
  17. Biden's platform is a more rational choice to oppose self-sacrifice? Trump didn't articulate a defense of the Constitution clearly enough, or a defense of the republic isn't enough on its face to push back on the idea of self abnegation ? It would be best ( heh) to worry that a significant portion of the electorate can't articulate the difference between patriotism/nationalism and fascism , then whether or not they read Capitalism the Unknown Ideal.
  18. The precinct 'bosses' , those that fill the staff positions at canvassing and counting facilities are reliably 'above board' , and or not in a position to manipulate tallies ? Daley did nothing for JFK? LBJ had no sway in TX? Cheating is endemic 'everybody' does it, it rarely gets called because those who rely on it need it later too. Only a brash , no holds barred type would even think of using it as leverage in a negotiation. Do you think we need systems of voter verification in order to stop individual voters from casting improper ballots? I think the political class engineers systems in order to prioritize the ability to manipulate voter counts in manner that would be very hard to prove legalistically. But then again I'm cynical and jaded.
  19. Voter fraud isn’t nearly as detrimental to the institutions of a republic as is counter fraud.
  20. Do I have insight as to the provenance of Q ? Nope. I’m a fan of the phenomenon though. Even as ( or especially as) allegory.
  21. Have you tried to tweet the link, I mean to see if it’s alright to discuss in polite conversation.
  22. Q and anons (followers) are as real as real gets, the only fruitful discussions to be had are those concerning the validity of any information disseminated and shared. No ? The provenance of Q qua “Q” is a straw man. Is Anonymous real?
  23. hmm , first give definitions of some terms of your own 'here', 'challenge', 'accurate' and 'anybody' and then 'DOES'
  24. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-news/watch/chicago-anti-trump-protester-safety-was-first-concern-643012675800 An interview from one of the organizers of the protest in Chicago. It sounds like leftist violence to me. Disregarding police orders, planning to disrupt a private event, all in an effort to 'shut down' opposing views, perhaps not necessarily leftist but certainly civil disobedience tinged with the threat of violence or the planning thereof. There in Chicago , but I don't remember seeing any WWVMD tshirts(what would von Mises do). Stopping the event , even if it worked to Trump's favor in the following media hype was probably the best decision of the day.
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