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  1. Having a hard time reconciling 'internal nature' and 'sinking to the bottom of a lake' , given its internal motive power , having a lake form over it feels better .
  2. I just watched James Lindsay on the Glenn Loury show and about mid-way through you get his take on the post-modern influences of CRT.
  3. More like making a choosing between existents than entertaining the arbitrary.
  4. ET So since the fall of the USSR power mongers no longer seek to subjugate based on spreading Marxist ideologies? And a larger more powerful threat to civilization comes from a snarky retort by a guy who killed his brother because G_d showed favor on his brother and not him , meaning he wasn't going to be able to marry his sister with the biggest boobs ?
  5. So the means justify the ends ? Stephen?
  6. I've seen interviews from the early 90's or even late 80's of Trump saying western leaders should engage North Korea in dialogue. Jong Un just happened to be the instantiation of the Kim dynastic dictatorship on his watch.
  7. I think a proper system is always an aspiration, but a human system of any kind will be fallible. A nation of laws and not Men is an abstract aspiration, as men author and apply laws.
  8. A benevolent distinction could point to nationalism as expressed in collective participation in organizing and maintaining a civil society based on the recognition and protection of individual rights , as opposed to an organizational scheme based on the abrogation of rights imposed by force. I see the populist push for an American Nationalsim as recognizing the current collective desire to seek the former as opposed to and as reaction to a perceived instantiation of the latter.
  9. The 23 rd amendment allows the citizens of DC to cast ballots for the Pres and VP.
  10. Oh crap, I keep getting duped. Good fact checking, thanks. Senator Paul pledged to spend the next two years going to the states to demand they change their election laws and procedures to ensure free and fair elections. Sounds like a waste of time and effort, we just had the fairest and freest election ever, all our institutions say so.
  11. Fire seems to be the favored tool of the hard left/antifa/anarchist/black bloc types , when you see buildings ablaze the professionals are in town. Portland on weeknights and those in the Capitol on the 6th are the larping brigades. Within hours of becoming president Biden legitimately outlawed acknowledging biological sex identity cementing a path to ensuring a re-civilized society. Feel the unity!
  12. I think I saw an article stating that 81 cases/suits were filed in regards to the election , 30 of which are still active. I assume some venues saw multiple cases but I don’t think there are cases before a court in every state, perhaps ? My comment about OJ was in response to being made to plead fealty to the inherently and incorruptible integrity of our institutions. Or at the very least agreeing with the idea that using the term legitimate in this context means the same thing.
  13. It is a fact that Biden is the current president of the United States.
  14. Again I bring up PA, and previously the WI supreme court rulings, to introduce the idea that questioning the elections results may not be a simple as shouting "No MASSIVE fraud". Why wouldn't a Republican governor conspire to help bring about the defeat of Republican President? His own judgement would automatically be overridden by 'party' affiliation ? If I am alleging corruption party affiliation and partisan political appearances aren't necessarily the heaviest weighted elements in gaining/wielding/keeping power. Isn't DC under one party rule currently ?
  15. What if similar conditions or situations exist in other states, with regard to those states' results in the general election , could they also be considered 'massive' as it would pertain individually to those states? My point is not to prosecute every allegation here, just exploring what 'massive' means in the context of the general election and the 50 entities in which it transpired.
  16. Have you read the Pa House Resolution 8? In it the Pa St Legislature resolves to void the slate of electors due to various actions they deem to be unconstitutional and makes the election results illegitimate . If what is alleged to have taken place in Pa in the general election is accurate and those actions caused the results to be in question, would it be consistent to claim 'massive' fraud ( if the unconstitutional actions can be shown to have been implemented knowingly in violation of state law) or 'massive' malfeasance or incompetence if those actions were deemed to have occurred absent of malice or conspiracy to purposefully contravene election law? If the damages to the integrity of the Pa elections were found to be fatal, if those actions were found to be the cause or causes of rendering the results constitutionally illegitimate , that would be 'massive' in regards the Pa results, no ?
  17. The allegation stands , the requests are ways to avoid some level of fraud in the future. How did calling out fraud get that woman killed ? I think she got killed by believing that fraud occurred and deciding to trespass because of her belief. Do you mean she was killed because fraud didn’t occur?
  18. How about just in person voting , with ID coupled with requested absentee non-curable ballots for situations that would rationally justify their use , even during pandemics.
  19. My skepticism of the integrity of the people who run our ‘systems’ was not born around the 2020 general election. If there is anyway to see the rioting and unrest of the summer as being predicated on some real or supposed harm that flowed from the ‘systems’ then they certainly preceded Trump.
  20. Why would the ‘ENTIRE legal system’ (not even sure what that is supposed to denote) need to be corrupt in order to have some level of corruption of the flesh and blood individuals that play a part in the ‘system’. Claiming to have received unfair treatment under any system isn’t a universal condemnation of said system. It is a claim of being wronged. The system that is the target of much of the ire is the election ‘system’ and not getting any relief in the courts. And in the case of at least one venue , not all the justices on the supreme agreed with the decision. Part of the dissent was a criticism of the court for not adjudicating election law matters in previous and recent proceeding , a claim of obfuscation in a corrupt manner.
  21. What makes you think the Left will go anywhere , let alone far? There is nothing in their rhetoric or proposed legislation that suggests this , surely, stop fear mongering. This is not a socialist takeover, the American system will prevail , if the majority of the population as represented by voters do not agree with the policies of their elected officials they will be voted out fairly , surely. It would be immoral for them to act otherwise, surely.
  22. Or it can be pointed to question whether or not the 'steal' was a concentrated effort in say six or so 'battle ground" "swing state" cities under partisan control. Like stopping the counting and then stuffing the boxes to beat the algorithms. Without thorough forensic examination those allegations will remain unanswered. Two ways Biden 'proves' he won, debunked claims, and unexamined claims. So far , and forever apparently, he needs only one, unexamined claims.
  23. I suggested, rather tongue in cheek-ly, shit trucks as an alternative to physical violence basically because any alternative to physical violence is necessary. The only legitimate form of protest at the Capitol that day would have been to gather outside the building . And any and all dissatisfaction should be aimed at the politicians not at the idea of the American republic. The opportunity for fraud , malfeasance and incompetent procedural handlings of all the vote counting in the 2020 general election was unprecedented. Trump made statements prior to Nov that covid had so drastically changed the playing field that extra scrutiny would be required. Instead of tightening scrutiny and implementing unprecedented controls on the chain of custody of ballots, election standards were loosened . The 'swing state' results showed obvious irregularities and various unexplained statistical anomalies, albeit some of the irregularities are present to some degree or other in past elections, but that in and of itself does not bar anyone from bringing the grievances. There was no extra-ordinary , unprecedented attempt to examine the ballots based mostly on the idea that unprecedented procedures are not called for, for examination of results, only that unprecedented procedures can be implemented for carrying out the voting process. I am squarely on the side of "count every legal vote" as opposed to "count every vote" and I feel ( yes my own subjective emotional response) that given the epidemic and the way it affected the process required a thorough examination of the ballots. My suspicions and misgivings about the results as reported were only heightened by the pushback and stonewalling of various court proceedings. Motive and opportunity are important factors in assessing allegations. Trump and his supporters repeatedly called for forensic examinations perhaps too broadly and or too specifically in different instances and most were blocked. If the fraud was nonexistent more examinations would have been damning to his case, thwarting the examinations did what exactly ? Are there any instances of extra-ordinary efforts to examine ballots? I admit there was a lot of anti-Trump perceived voters, but they failed to punish down ballot candidates to the same degree. How is it the historic levels of voting for Biden did not result in down ballot candidates overcoming the anti-Trump votes? Especially when you consider the gains Trump made in minority voter support.
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