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  1. 4 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

    Patients sometimes demand antibiotics for viral infections, against which they are useless; they may go so far as to shop around for a doctor that will wrongly prescribe the antibiotic.  Patients sometimes fail to take the full course of antibiotics, stopping as soon as they feel better; this lets some bacteria survive and selects for resistance, contributing to the rise of resistance.



    Perfect example of introduction of artificial selections pressures and some unintended consequences.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Doug Morris said:

    If you're talking about hospitals having to ration care because they don't have the capacity to treat it all, and governments saying the rationing is permissible, your comments are inappropriate.  If you're talking about something else, please give examples.

    Most of the hospital ‘rationing’ is due to staffing changes, changes that were implemented in the beginning of the pandemic.

    But more specifically I was referring to the treatment protocols .


  3. Natural immunity can’t get worse? HIV/AIDS ?

    The same process that creates resistant bacterial strains is at play with viruses, so I’m not sure the analogy does fall a part. Selection pressures are ‘artificially’ introduced into replication and genomic change happens and can’t be identified until post-introduction.

    Western governments are applying pressure to their medical institutions to restrict treatment , isn't that an initiation of force ?

    Malone just hosted an international medical symposium to try and highlight  the criminal act of withholding and discouraging treatment.

  4. 48 minutes ago, dream_weaver said:

    My experience was with an ARI invitation. I had seen a few Facebook comments regarding the OCON appearance. Would you have a link for the OCON presentation?

    I had not heard of the good doctor until neo’s post , I found a link to the presentation on his Twitter feed. Sorry but I am on a mini notebook and lack the skill to post a link at the moment, I will get a link for you when I’m on an easier device .

  5. To paraphrase Marx , " I wouldn't be a member of any tribe that would let me in their sweatlog."

    I'm not sure if the funding is or should be an issue about the reasonable-ness of scientific findings when those findings come from voices that gloss over the fact that observation and data collection of multiyear studies can be reasonably compressed to nth/year studies and still hold the same standards of reliability.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Doug Morris said:

    Absolutely not.  Government has no such right.  The way in which government is financed must be drastically reformed.  But as Ayn Rand has said, this "is the last reform to advocate, not the first."

    My point is that anyone who refuses to mask or refuses to vaccinate, without a legitimate medical reason, is unnecessarily increasing the risk of spread of the disease, and that this can rise to the level of initiating physical force.


    IF masking and vaccines are proving to be effective , which increasingly doesn't seem to be the case.

  7. Are the current slate of covid vaccines “leaky”? Do they offer a significant brake on transmission with a demonstrated safety for all potential recipients?

    Do we not need to answer these questions before applying moral arguments for mandating policy for their use ?

    Their use seems at this point to demonstrate a therapeutic effect against disease severity among recipients but they do not seem to provide a blanket brake on transmission, if that were the case , is an argument for mandated use appropriate in regards to initiation of force principles ?

  8. I had a similar thought when I read the OP.

    But more along the lines that wealth or capital would be produced. Though at the loss of creativity and ingenuity that such a system stifles.

    Material wealth or capital would be produced but its production and subsequent use would be less efficient. 

    Capitalism is based primarily in morality, practical praxis notwithstanding.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Eiuol said:

    Of course you will grant it, because you tried to claim that you said this but I didn't. You aren't granting it, because you already believed it. I don't think you were provoked, I think you were just trolling, and aren't saying anything you believe. So yeah, if you could try to engage a bit more honestly...

    Honestly I was responding to your phrasing, it 'felt' like you saying that businesses have a right to control their employees actions.

    By being 'concrete' I was trying to show how the principle of freedom of association would 'look' in the 'real world'. As an individual I alone would make the decision to be vaccinated or not, an employer can/has the right to set employment criteria that I may consider.

    As I said it was tone.

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