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    Force people to pay

    Hi Everyone, Thank you kindly for your responses, Found this on the net & thought it applicable since it is an 'economic' impact study. Is the reference to 'forced to pay' applicable do you think? From: SECTORAL AND REGIONAL ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS CONSAD Research Corporation Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 1998 CONSAD Research's key findings are that implementation of the Kyoto Protocol will mean: Consumers and businesses will be forced to pay higher energy costs. The resulting increase in energy costs will also drive up prices on all consumer goods; link http://www.consad.co...ports/kyoto.htm
  2. dad

    Force people to pay

    Thanks Proud Dad, I am open to any situation however the one you mention is most likely if indeed it is correct. Importantly I mean in an 'Economics' sense rather than a 'Mafia' sense. Forced is the key word
  3. Hi All, So this is my first post so please be gentle with me. Can consumers be forced to pay more than they are willing or able to pay? By way of illustration please consider a power company. There is no question people need some power and will pay any price but are they both willing & able to pay it. Don't many just run up debt they can't end up paying. If so is this a by-product of monopolies? Hope this is interesting for you. I am very interested in what you say. Cheers BW
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