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  1. There can only be unsubstantiated assertions when there isn't any proof either way. You are welcome to present anything which you regard as proof for either case. But no matter what is said, the free choice to affirm or deny God will always be a personal one and each one of us can only harvest what we planted. The question of God's existence will always be completely open... because there is never any coercion in love.
  2. There is nothing else to condemn you but the moral law of the consequences you set into motion by your own actions.
  3. That's right. But there is no proof either way so you get to freely choose for yourself to either affirm or deny God. I have absolutely no problem with the choice you have freely made for yourself, Tad. That is the way it should be. There is no proof either way so that you can rightfully receive the just and deserved consequences set into motion by your choice no matter what you choose... just as I do.
  4. You could proactively tell him after you've proven yourself to be a productive employee. Then it wouldn't matter. But you had better tell him before he finds out.
  5. You asked what would have to happen, and I answered what would have to happen. Well, that is totally up to you to answer for yourself. There is no proof either way so as not to violate everyone's free choice to either affirm or deny God. As to moral law, that you can empirically prove for yourself. Just do something you know is wrong and see if you can escape the just and deserved consequences of your own actions. Lots of luck trying to do that.
  6. Sure. The growth of the State is an accurate indicator of peoples' immoral failure to govern themselves. Entitlement programs cause no major economic problems for moochers, nor do they cause problems for the government looters whose economic wellbeing is derived from servicing moochers. However, there is still a major problem for both, but it's not economic. It's moral. As both the serviced and their servicers devolve into less decent human beings.
  7. If I could to do something morally wrong and not set into motion any just and deserved consequences... that would disprove God, because it would prove that there is no such thing as the law of moral causality. Hasn't happened yet.
  8. You just expressed a profound truth. This is intentional. There will never be conclusive proof either way. This gives everyone total freedom to choose either to affirm or deny God. Anything less would rob everyone of that free choice. There is a quality to love... in that it can only be given by our own free choice.
  9. Do you think that rights are created or discovered? This got me to wondering when I heard someone on the radio mention that being armed was already assumed have been a prexisting right, and that the Second Amendment was only created to limit the government.
  10. You might consider assessing any skills you have acquired while enjoying your hobbies and utilizing them in a productive venture. I'd also consider experimenting with creating a minimal committment microbusiness based on the purpose of helping others. Some simple useful task you can do, or product you can make for others which they can't do of make for themselves and are willing to pay you. For example: After a lot of searching on the internet, I came across a man with a microbusiness who makes and sells a useful part that no one else does. He can provide something for me that I can't provide for myself, and so I'm totally happy to pay him to make it and sell it to me. People from all over the US buy what he produces. And he doesn't even advertize. People avidly seek him out because he produces something of value to others.
  11. You just answered better than I ever could have. Life is all about finding out if what we think is right actually is right.
  12. I like it. You don't. Beautiful, isn't it? ...and that means that people can now only damn themselves with the consequences of their own evil actions. It's perfect moral justice that people should tie the knot in their own noose. It is anything but indiscriminate. For no one who damns God could ever enjoy the gift offered to them. It's the Old Testament line Satan said to Job: "Curse God and die." And so people do... which is exactly what they deserve... to pass sentence upon themselves. I agree. I don't believe in the liberal interpretation of Jesus as a weak limpwristed feminised doormat any more than you do. That is also true. Only my actions matter... not my beliefs. For only what I actually do sets into motion the consequences I deserve.
  13. While America isn't Greece... by popular demand it has adopted the Greek model of European liberal socialist unearned entitlements. The only reason America isn't Greece yet is because we're still riding on the tattered coattails of what the Founding Fathers created... but they are rapidly unravelling. If enough people were to live lives deserving of a decent government, they would have earned the right to get the decent government they deserve. And if they don't, they still are getting the government they deserve.
  14. Well, I view that differently. The consequences of our actions are the final judge of whether we do right or wrong. The best of intentions are never an excuse for evil acts. Yes. No one is the good. People can only make the good a reality in this world through their actions. People can freely choose not to act on their thoughts and emotions... and in many situations it's in their own best interests that they don't. Again we differ. Good is good regardless of what anyone thinks or feels it is. Yes. An unrealized potential. But motives are not always a causal factor. Everyone is free to choose to act contrary to their motives at any time.
  15. Motive is even less than that. It's only an unrealized potential. Only actions are real. Which is why, as a behaviorist, I couldn't care less why people do what's morally right.
  16. Even you deserve the truth. Doing good which benefits others is in your own selfish best interests because it accrues benefit to you by making you a better person. Doing good which benefits others also secures for you a treasure more precious than gold... goodwill. And that can never be stolen from you. Being a leftist, you believe the fallacy that goodness can only be zero sum... that what is good for one person can only come about through what is bad for another. From your own ample expressions, you've made it clear that you are not a business person, because even mundane impersonal ethical financial transactions benefit both parties involved. I don't believe in unreasonable indiscriminate self sacrifice any more than you do, because that is not Christianity. However, immoral irrationality is your government which indiscriminately gives the unearned to the undeserving, while making both the looter and the moocher into worse human beings.
  17. Yes. It is only our behavior which makes the world what it is... not our intentions.
  18. Within your well reasoned comments this particular statement jumped right off the page. You expressed the truth that values are not zero sum. That the same value can be found in different ideologies can only add to its validity. No ideology can claim virtue as its own when virtue belongs to anyone who chooses to aspire to live by it. If all of the cultural, societal, and ideological differences could be stripped away... it would be impossible to tell the difference between the decent behavior of a Christian, a Jew, or an Objectivist.
  19. (a little more from same the link) "The meaning ascribed in popular usage to the word “selfishness” is not merely wrong: it represents a devastating intellectual “package-deal,” which is responsible, more than any other single factor, for the arrested moral development of mankind. In popular usage, the word “selfishness” is a synonym of evil; the image it conjures is of a murderous brute who tramples over piles of corpses to achieve his own ends, who cares for no living being and pursues nothing but the gratification of the mindless whims of any immediate moment. Yet the exact meaning and dictionary definition of the word “selfishness” is:concern with one’s own interests. This concept does not include a moral evaluation; it does not tell us whether concern with one’s own interests is good or evil; nor does it tell us what constitutes man’s actual interests. It is the task of ethics to answer such questions." And I agree... selfishness itself is amoral. Whether what we are selfish about is good or evil is determined by our own actions and the consequences they spin into motion.
  20. I also experience the harmony between Christianity and many of the Ideas of Ayn Rand. And the real irony is that I don't believe in the secularists' interpretation of Christianity any more than they do.
  21. ...and I'm certainly one of them. I daily further the self interests of others because it is in my own self interest to do so. ...and the reality of the just and deserved consequences of our own actions is the final judge of whether or not what we do is actually in our own best self interest.
  22. ...and that's only because we have the most corrupt citizens who created that most corrupt government in their own most corrupt image. ...and that massive unsustainable system is a perfect match for the rotten values by which the majority are living their own lives.
  23. "Knowingly" is the operative word. Everyone believes that what they pursue is in their own best self interest... whether or not it actually is. Some people choose to love truth, while others choose to love lies. What each of us loves is purely a personal choice. It makes you less of a decent human being. Manipulation conforms to moral law in that to the extent that you seek to manipulate others... to that same degree you are suceptable to being manipulated by others. Or as the old saying goes... "The easiest man to con is a con man."
  24. Yes. Every livng human pursues. It's essential to life just as is breathing. No. Morality depends on whether pursuing what you evaluate as right... actually is right.
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