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  1. Thank you. Seeing who it's judged by I'll capitalize it.
  2. Again, how does this not apply to egoism?
  3. How so? How can this apply to Objectivism?
  4. You're right, I'm not saying it's just objectivity. But the root of the word is the reason for the capitalization. For instance, egoism comes from ego, and because ego isn't capitalized, egoism isn't. So what you're saying is that because Ayn Rand said it should be capitalized, it gets capitalized?
  5. Platonism comes from Plato, Christianity is from Christ, and Buddhism comes from Buddha. All those are names of people, so I can understand them. Objectivism comes from objective.
  6. I'm correctly working on an essay for an Anthem-related contest, and I feel the need to mention Objectivism within it. I'm not well-versed at all with Objectivism, so I'm wondering if it's acceptable for me not to capitalize Objectivism. Without arguing over the philosophy itself (if you must know, I DO agree with it), I'm just wondering of the reasons behind the capitalization. I have seen the thread similar to this, but it didn't actually answer my question, but I did read within it that it's because it's a "proper noun." We don't need to capitalize altruism or egoism, so what makes only Objectivism a proper noun? I just want to know if I'm wrong for not capitalizing it and need to do so. And seeing what happened to the last thread about this, I'd like to ask if I could just get an answer and not get into an argument. If you're respectful, I'll gladly be as well.
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