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  1. NIcky -- Federal gov't powers, at least in theory, are famously "limited and enumerated". City and state gov't powers are neither.
  2. Earlier today the fascist and tyrannical New York City city council passed a law banning cigarette sales to those under 21 [thanks, Dormin111]. No doubt the fascist and tyrannical mayor Mike Bloomberg currently has a wide grin: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/council-oks-raising-smoking-age-18-21-article-1.1502047 Has anyone else observed that while the U.S. Federal Government has a libertarian Bill of Rights and a fairly pro-freedom Constitution it must adhere to, the cities and 50 states of America have virtually no such thing? Although state constitutions are fairly pro-freedo
  3. Grames -- I think you're right, and I thank you for correcting me. Maybe the term I want is neutral-looking, balanced, fair-minded, or honest. But right now it seems best to delete it (in paragraphs 1 and 6).
  4. Miley's beauty and erotic appeal have really gone downhill these last few years. She did it on purpose I know, to leave behind her childhood image, which is good is some sense. But not the way she did it. And she's evidently a stunningly phony and empty person and singer -- as most pop stars are. She doesn't seem to have a single good or original thought in her head, personally or musically.
  5. When trying to describe, define, explain, analyze, and evaluate a foreign society, culture, or civilization the desideratum is to be completely objective and neutral. To be fully accurate and just. To see, understand, tell, and explicate the real truth or true truth. And to be wholly and infinitely rational and scientific as you do it. But everyone is morally imperfect. We all naturally have moral failings, as do our societies. We're born biologically defective, and we acquire errors along the way, both of which are exacerbated by our flawed personal and social background and envirornment.
  6. Reidy: You read my post in about as hostile and unjust a manner as possible. We live in a Welfare State -- not a libertarian utopia. When it comes to immigration, human quality counts. What do you think of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which abandoned most elements of seeking high-quality immigrants? This changed America radically. Was it for the better? Similar immigration policy changes took place throughout Western Europe. Did these states profit by it? Will the amnesty-and-legalization immigration bill just passed by the US Senate uplift America? Is seeking "the cream of the
  7. Immigration is generally beneficial. It usually adds to a nation's economic wealth and military strength, and even to its intellectual power and cultural riches. Unfortunately, everyone in the world today lives in a Welfare State. This is a kind of 'moderate', collectivist tyranny, which could also be described as semi-lawlessness, featuring a permanent civil war between residents, or a Hobbesian "war of all against all". Theft from, and coercion of, one's neighbors is rampant. Big Brother is everywhere nowadays. So it matters how predatory and efficaciously warlike any potential new i
  8. First off, I think the terms "moderate" and extremist" are mistaken. I think these terms and concepts constitute philosophical surrender to the forces of evil. Better to call the Muslims "activist" and "non-activist", or else "sincere" and "hypocritical". But yes, the Muslims are morally obligated to "prove themselves", just as are Christians and Jews are, whenever atrocities are perpetrated in the name of their obviously false and evil ideologies. Even if they are "regular joes" they're obligated -- by simple human and moral decency -- to publicly reject jihad and sharia. To publicly reje
  9. Eiuol -- Islam is a religion or, more accurately, a philosophy. It isn't a race. Assuming I'm a bigot against Muslims, shouldn't I be called a "religionist" or "philosophyist"? I find the ideology of Islam, both currently and historically, to be wildly false and evil. I think human freedom, progress, prosperity, and happiness just dies under islam. I'm a proud Islamophobe. All Objectivists should be. I assume you understand that almost all Muslims worldwide support jihad and sharia, intellectually and morally. But maybe I'm wrong here...? As for financial support, Muslims are obligate
  10. Tadmjones -- Exactly. There's no such thing as an organization called Muslims Against Jihad or Muslims Against Sharia. That would be absurd. Average, normal Muslims LOVE jihad and sharia, and they support it emphatically worldwide. Except for unbelievably tiny and isolated groups -- which regular Muslims hate -- there's no such thing as a movement of Muslims who are ashamed at all the terrorism and enslavement found in Muslim societies, both historically and currently, Whenever the latest Muslim atrocity happens in the West, there's no wringing of hands or public display of shame -- as Christi
  11. Harrison -- Are average Muslims really so harmless? Would you feel comfortable living in a community of normal Muslims where it was known that you were a non-Muslim -- what they openly call an "infidel" and "enemy of god"? Would you be safe there?
  12. Almost all Muslims worldwide are monsters. They intellectually, morally, and financially support Islam. This means they help a lot to inflict jihad (war) and sharia (slavery) upon all of us. Now it's true that most Muslims are non-activists and hypocrites. But they're a continuous threat to become active and sincere in their beliefs -- to very violently embrace jihad and sharia. Meanwhile, even if very quiet about it, they intellectually, morally, and financially back these ideals without let-up.
  13. Islam has declared war on America. Muslims worldwide mean to destroy us, conquer us, and terminate our way of life. Our Western liberal philosophy is to be replaced with their Islamic one. All this is to be done in the name of bringing us "civilization" here on earth, and "paradise" in the afterlife. The United States desperately needs to fight and defeat the Muslim nation and Islam. But we're only maybe halfway fighting back against the Muslim people, and perhaps not at all against the ideology of Islam. We're now mostly relying upon the gov't to protect us. And they, in turn, are mos
  14. I wouldn't at all say most American veterans "deserve only contempt" for their military efforts -- but I don't think they merit all that much respect, either. They're mostly fighting for their (randomly assigned) country, and not for freedom or morality, in my judgment. They're evidently mostly obeying the law and following orders, like a "good German," circa 1941. As for the nature of the American people, I think it's the best. But I also think it's overwhelmingly derived from the thinkers, especially those of the Enlightenment, and not from the workers or the obedient patriotic soldiers
  15. An interesting development. Serious scholarship is important to any intellectual movement. I don't know what their level of high-quality thinking and writing will be, but I wish them well!
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