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About Me

I became interested in the philosophy of Objectivism when I was a graduate student working on my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. After picking up "Atlas Shrugged" during a conference and reading it on the flight back, I was hooked. I've always approached Objectivism from the "implementation of free markets" aspect. In other words, I've always been interested in how, practically, the free-market freedom of action aspects would be applied to the world.

After earning my Ph.D. I went to work in industry, first as a thin film process development engineer for a micro-electronics company then a CVD process development engineer for an industrial ceramics parts / coatings business and now I'm the industrial gas industry designing packaging and delivery systems for pyrophoric and air sensitive chemicals used in the semiconductor industry.

I'm married to another type A engineer and we have two little children (1 girl and 1 boy) that we're doing our best to raise rationally in spite of our parents talk of Jesus and religion. My wife liked Atlas, but she's not really into ideas and philosophy.

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