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  1. Anyway. Around March of last 2020, after I was done working one day I stopped at the local McDonald's on the way home from work and hacked into Tiffany's google account. Whenever google asks if you'd like to "save this password" for it to autofill later; all those passwords are kept in your own, private, personal database. I hacked into hers and downloaded them all as a text file onto my phone. Then I went home to break up with her. JT was playing Terraria while she was on Facebook when I came in. I asked him to save, quit and go watch something in the living room. He tried w
  2. Currently I cannot. I don't know if my best me would be the one whoring itself out to Tiffany in order to have some sort of contact with JT or if my best possible "me" would be telling Tiffany precisely what I think of her, trusting JT to work it out for himself and doing something more productive with my time in the meantime. I just do not currently know. Once I figure out what the "best possible version of myself" would be doing in my current situation then I'll probably stop paying any attention to this thread and simply do it. But I currently just don't know.
  3. Because having sex with someone says a lot about yourself. It says more about you if you don't even know what sort of person they are, and still more (and not in a good way) if you do know them to be not an admirable sort of person. Going through with such an action, in spite of reasons why you never otherwise would, in order to obtain some other thing that's totally unrelated to the action itself - there is a word for that. It's prostitution. And I'm not saying that's necessarily the worst thing I could do in my current situation. On the contrary; I have done it a few time
  4. Yes. She was doing it right up until we moved back in together a year or two ago. She was openly admitting that I was a far better parent until one argument we had about a year ago in which I pointed out that this also implied that it was in JT's best interests for me to be his legal guardian (after which she's started denying it). Not to be flippant, but who cares about the damn beaurocrats? Maybe this does tie back into my views of rights and government. The times when she was promising I could have him were all during very serious discussions in which I declared my in
  5. 😆 I don't think the bottle bit is a question. Drinking helps (particularly after dredging all of this stuff up) to dull some of the extremely negative emotions I experience. It's not a friend or a good long-term strategy. But it's not something I have a hard time dropping whenever I put my mind to it, either (as I have a few times before). Tiffany still wants to have a relationship with me. That seems to be a much higher priority for her than JT, which is somewhat flattering whenever I'm able to think of it in purely abstract terms. She's always maintained (even while I w
  6. I don't believe that good actions always lead to good outcomes (although in general they do tend to). I do believe that evil actions never fail to lead to suffering, every single time, usually in more ways than one.
  7. Of course I think someone else could reach a different conclusion. Anytime anyone gets me to tell this whole horrible story, the conclusions I hear are quite different from my own. But they also tend to be quite different from what your generic Objectivist conclusion might be (at least as far as I would picture it) which is why I'm so curious to hear what the general consensus would be of those who claim to share my same basic worldview. It's not just my own worldview, I might add: one of the explicitly-agreed-on conditions I asked for before agreeing to move back in with Tiffany was th
  8. Great meme, by the way. That was epic. She is, which is how I like it. I can't stand the subtle sorts of games that characterize most relationships (like you mentioned); I like to be direct and I get along best with those who can be equally straight-to-the-point with me. The very first night Tiffany and I met (way back when I was 19 and she was 20) I'd marched into a total stranger's house because a couple of vague acquaintances from high school had invited me there, equipped with a stolen bottle of Bacardi's rum. After several hours of drinking I looked Tiffany in the eye and
  9. Yep. Sorry; I can't stay long (I have to go to work soon) but that's exactly right. The reason I chose the name "Tiberius" for my son was in honor of the only StarFleet cadet to ever beat the unwinnable scenario (the Kobayashi Maru); like him, I don't believe in no-win scenarios either - as long as one has a properly calibrated idea of what "winning" means. Mine isn't. Thank you. When the three of us moved back in together in either May or March of 2019 it was with the explicit idea of 50% custody in mind. She'd been saying it wasn't fair to characterize what happened
  10. That's the thing. I am willing to do the reaching. I wouldn't have started this nightmarish goddamn thread if it weren't for that. Only I'm not sure where to reach towards. @Eiuol was right when he said that what's truly relevant is not my past but my future. And I am ready to commit to having the best future I can. The only thing is the issue of my son, which never fails to make things cloudy and unclear. Part of me wants to walk away from his mother entirely, on the conviction that my life will surely be better without her in it, and part of me cannot let go of him. It
  11. Yes, it's compelling, but my gut reaction (before any of the chewing I will do on it) is that it's totally unrealistic. My own parents, right off the bat, truly are evil and I don't think my son would gain much from associating with them. Anything he could gain is also stuff I'm perfectly capable of delivering myself without any of the ultra-religious trimmings they'd certainly add to it.
  12. Damn. I'm gonna have to spend a while chewing on that one. Thank you.
  13. I won't be able to figure much more out tonight but there is one interaction Tiffany and I had during the divorce proceedings (while I was living with my parents) exclusively through music. She sent me this song: Which had been "our song" ever since we'd first heard it on the radio. It perfectly encapsulated the good thing we had going on when we first met and neither of us had a care in the world. It still remains the perfect description of what happened there. I knew precisely what she meant to convey by sending me that, though, and responded thusly:
  14. Jesus; is that something I should be proud of or ashamed of? He was obviously a better parent than she is. What really is my problem?
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