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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Devil's Advocate in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    It's all about the headlines that generate the ratings, that create and sustain a following that wins elections.  The Republican Purge is real, and the midterms will determine its success as political strategy in American politics.  An extended family member of mine recently noted, "Impeachment is just street cred for him," and that pretty much sums up my opinion of The Donald and his Dark Wing.
    The Donald's 1st term election was unimaginable, until it happened. Former republican opposition candidates undermining the election in Congress on his behalf was unimaginable, until it happened. January 6th was unimaginable, until it happened... and the Dumbercrats continue to campaign as though if only everyone understood what a bastard the Former President is, no one would vote for him, while those who vote for him don't care because, "He's our Bastard!"
    The Former President will be restored to office as the party default if the current political trend doesn't produce someone who can beat his political base.  Do you see that coming?  Last go round I gave him and his following 50/50 odds, and this time I think if the Republicans make gains over the Democrats in the midterms, it's their presidential election to lose, if narrowly.
    Lady Liberty was raped on January 6th. That's what I think.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to whYNOT in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    What do I know of "QAnon" and right wing conspiracies? Little, thankfully. Only some words and rhetoric.
    What I do know from long familiarity is that that "Fascist right" has been the go-to cause celebre of the MSM and others, in order to by sleight of hand, through misdirection, cover the tracks of the resurgent Socialist Left. 
    And so far, thankfully, the right aren't actively responding, to the disappointment of many, I believe. Anyone can predict the, er, "active" response if the political shoe were on the other foot, mind you.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to tadmjones in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    When Trump said very fine people he was referring to the people on both sides of the debate surrounding the public display and or removal of Civil War monuments.
    In that same speech he specifically condemned any and all who participated in violence.
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    Harrison Danneskjold got a reaction from Devil's Advocate in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    Not so long as we're able to argue for her long-overdue restoration. I cannot tell how far away that point is from the present (and I have been trying) but we're not there yet. When we get there I'll make sure to let you know where all the best spots are down by my river.
    Also, I don't think "dark lord of the Republican empire" is too much at all.
    Ayn Rand opposed Ronald Reagan (in her own words) because of his embrace of the religious right, which she thought would destroy anything which had been good about the Republicans before that. As a millennial it's not easy for me to picture what the Republicans were before Reagan but in my own lifetime the hardcore mysticism has been one of their main vices (and by far the thing I personally find most annoying about them).
    Trump seems to have actually countered that specific trend to some extent. He never pretended to be too religious, and in his wake that issue seems to be dying out among his sycophants. But I too am waiting for the other shoe to drop, in terms of what exactly replaces it.
    I agree with Yaron Brook that Trump may well have already destroyed any good there was in the right wing of this country. And I think your characterization is basically correct.
    My river is the Rum River, though. Its name currently doesn't align too well with reality, but maybe we can do something about that! Newcomers must bring their own supplies, of course. 
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to MisterSwig in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Looks like Jon took his own advice.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to dream_weaver in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    The most insightful article on QAnon dealt with game theory, of the stones on the floor that many gamers considered an arrow. 
    Many gamers spent time seeking to understand what that programmer had never intended as a clue.
    Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity outline James Valliant's and Warren Fahy's quest for the origins of a religion that has had an incontrovertible had influence on the course of history.
    L. Ron Hubbard is the author and instigator of Dianetics and Scientology. Thanks to some investigative reporting, Ron Watkins has been traced as an origin of 'Q-Level Clearance leaks'. How many 'movements' can be traced back to their origins?
    Karl Popper pontificated about how difficult some conspiracies are to keep secret, while others can persist for generations. Hopefully the thread that runs loosely through these also bind them somewhat together.
    The play on words "Q" gives rise to in existing cultural entertainment and can contribute to the amusement we indulged in flitting from Q of James Bond to Q of Star Trek: Next Generation, to John de Lancie who plaed Q, to a role he played in Murder, She Wrote that has been playing an a screen by pure intention, compliments of the local public library here. 
    Hopefully this will help place some of this into better perspective.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to dream_weaver in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    The sheer volume of information (far beyond the sliver you are imploring others to investigate) that exists is more than sufficient to overwhelm the crow. Teleology plays a significant role in what one allocates such a precious resource upon.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to MisterSwig in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    I'm glad you went on the record with this prediction. If the courts rule against Trump and Biden takes over, will you step off the Q-train?
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to EC in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    I found the real Q, he also happens to be a god 😉
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to MisterSwig in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Do you have some evidence for that claim? Has Trump or the FBI director blamed the Obama administration for delaying capture of the Chinese agents?
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Eiuol in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Not really, because you can accept the general claim that Biden is up to no good and that the laptop actually has bad stuff, while at the same time making QAnon movement supporters feel that their more extravagant claims are being validated. I don't think there's anything so extravagant going on that Bobulinski is really doing psyops, it's a standard presidential candidate scandal. But if you want to throw in an extra layer of stuff as if he's doing fantastic espionage, then I can just as legitimately claim that it's evidence he's pulling QAnon supporters out of the woodwork. 
    How can I think that something he said is dangerous if I don't think he is even real? 
    People in the QAnon movement are the dangerous ones precisely because Q is not real. I can back that up because you have already made a seditious statement: 
    This is the kind of danger I mean. Fine if you even think that Biden is a major threat to America, but to say that the president should not even allow Biden to assume the presidency is borderline a call to violence against the US government. The only way this can happen is with violence; I know you don't mean that you want Trump to sit in the Oval Office and refuse to leave until security comes when they drag him out. I don't know if "worldwide" movement was meant to mock what I said about the QAnon being a threat. I'm not even concerned with the majority, only the people who might be further radicalized.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to dream_weaver in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    I'm also aware of the worldwide impact Christianity and Islam have had.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to MisterSwig in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    The official DOJ page for the Fox Hunt press conference is here. It's clearly an interesting and unique case. They claim it's the first of its kind.
    I don't see how it's related to Biden, though. So bringing it up in the other thread was suspicious. And using the FBI announcement as some kind of validation of Q was doubly suspicious. I agree that Bobulinski is obviously connected to Biden, but trying to connect him to Q seems far-fetched. So again, suspicious.
    Personally I think Biden is corrupt and possibly even a traitor. That's an interesting question. But why bring Q into it? Just make your case for Biden being a traitor.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Easy Truth in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    He knows what is good for us. LOL
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to MisterSwig in The Pluriverse   
    You could in the version where grammatical ideas are not dependent upon learning "walk," "run," etc. That's the whole point of the pluriverse: anything goes.
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    Harrison Danneskjold got a reaction from Devil's Advocate in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    That is actually a bit abnormal. If I remember correctly (and I'm speaking purely off-the-cuff here on a cigarette break, so I may not be) I believe most people think primarily in auditory fashion, as a sort of "inner monologue". I know that's the way I do (although I almost always have an inner soundtrack playing as well).
    So congratulations - you're slightly abnormal! Maybe that's why you don't seem to be recognizing the secret passphrase ...
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to dream_weaver in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    Here's a thread I posted different sources I found on the QAnon whilst it ran its course (been pretty quiet now, 'cept for those still nursing a few disparate memories.)
    The Bobulinski angle on Binden
    Incidentally, @Eiuol, I thought your initial response in this thread contained a reference to QAnon in it, but I see it was edited later.
    You were courteous enough to reintroduce the innuendo to no avail thus far, as to elicit an emotive response on @Devil's Advocate's part.
    After this story I ran across this reference to Ron Watkins, QAnon as a regular headline in mainstream media coverage seemed to have dissipated.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Eiuol in The Pluriverse   
    "[Reality] is something that humans actively participate in producing when their minds interact with their environments."
    That's 11 minutes in just about.
    It wouldn't be so insane if he meant something like "the society people live in is shaped by the way minds interact with the environment". That would be true, but obviously that doesn't mean each society is literally a different reality... It's like he forgot that when people say "ancient people lived in a different world" they don't literally mean a whole separate reality. 
    My conclusion: Never go full subjectivist.
    I find that he really was attempting to give a basis to say that indigenous people deserve respect. In a way, he sees the indigenous people (especially those exterminated by the Spanish) as offering worthless ideas and were thoroughly primitive, so the only way he could offer any value for them is to say that they lived in a literally different reality. They are so worthless to him that he has to create a whole separate reality for them. The truth is, people like the Inca had great ideas as well as bad ideas even compared to Europeans. He doesn't have to dismantle objective reality: If he actually cared about indigenous people, he would be telling us about what they got right about reality, especially the things that Europeans could not figure out.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Boydstun in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    In July 1986, I was with my first life-partner Jerry (d. 1990) sitting in the bleachers that had been set up in Manhattan along the Hudson. We were watching the Tall Ships sailing by. In the evening, the President would throw a switch, sending a laser beam across the river to activate the illumination of Liberty, which was reopening after a long refurbishment. The night sky would be filling with glorious fireworks on and on as if an umbrella over Manhattan.
    That afternoon was sunny, as the ships sailed by. There were smiles and friendliness all around. Behind us a woman wore a classy T-shirt with a stylized line drawing of the Statue of Liberty, with only the word Forever. A day or two before, the US Supreme Court had handed down their decision affirming the constitutionality of States criminalizing same-sex sex acts. Oklahoma, for example. That was one of the reasons we had moved from our native Oklahoma to Illinois (where Jerry became an attorney), where we were legal. That sunny day with the ships was so sad to me.
    The photo below is from 2002 (photo by native New Yorker, my husband Walter). In another year, the Supreme Court would reverse, and thereby make same-sex love-making legal throughout the land. I always remember that I learned of the 2003 decision while I was at Logan in Boston, learned from a newspaper headline. And I always remember my first thought was of Jerry and me that day with the Tall Ships.
    Tomorrow belonged to me, these todays, each a “smiling day to be free to kiss in the sunlight and say to the sky ‘behold and believe what you see, behold how my lover loves me.’”

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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Boydstun in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    HD, I looked up "doxxing" - hadn't heard that term before.
    My name is Stephen Craig Boydstun. I've never used any other name on the internet. (I came to be shown as another name -Guyau- on the the posting site Objectivist Living, but that was due to a glitch that happened when they updated their program a few years back; not my doing.) Anyone has been able to google my name and find out all about me, from posting sites, publications, Walter's blog for us, and on Facebook. No problems from bigots or anyone here at our home. 
    My Story
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    Harrison Danneskjold got a reaction from Devil's Advocate in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    Certainly.  If I remove myself from society, the rest of the world will continue turning just fine without me - only I won't have to deal with them.  That's the point.
    This is so weird.
    To recap, DA mentioned the possibility of Trump being "reinstated" either through the courts or reelection.  Alright; one can argue about whether or not the courts are going to do anything about this last election (and if one was feeling particularly uncharitable one might even characterize such an idea as a bit unhinged) but it's neither advocating violence nor conspiracy theories.  Even if he were advocating a conspiracy theory why wouldn't we hear it out and then (if it is, in fact, a conspiracy theory) pick it apart like we would with any other bad theory?
    Why do you need to know DA's real name?  Are we not going to consider any of his arguments unless they're accompanied by a social security number and a DNA sample?
    @Devil's Advocate I don't care if you're this Neil character or not.  I'm not sure we'll agree about the answer to the OP and I'm confident we do not agree about what happened this last election - and that's okay.  I don't need to see your papers.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to EC in alien life   
    I don't know if that's actually true. We have plenty of evidence that life exists here on Earth. It is actually a fact that each one of us knows first hand. If life developed here on this planet is it at all a non-sequitor to assume it developed on other planets in an "infinite" universe? I don't think that it is, but of course you should not draw any other inferences off this one, such as intellgient life is visiting us and so forth. But it is NOT arbitrary to claim life exists elsewhere using the firsthand evidence we have from Earth.
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to dream_weaver in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    The blindfold was a 16th century addition to the Greek's Themis. The Roman's Libertas is metaphorically her sister in spirit. 
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    Harrison Danneskjold reacted to Devil's Advocate in The Statue of Liberty Shrugged?   
    Until what passes for republicans today can win elections without The Donald, nutty is as nutty does.
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