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  1. I mainly got that impression from the focus on global warming and endangered species as the declared purpose of the documentary but I was wondering if anyone had actually found anything refutable in it. They did play the middle ground to some extent by pretending it was pure observation and there were only a few spots that disturbed me enough to ask about it but I was just wondering if anyone had noticed.
  2. I've been watching these series and while the images are incredible I find (not neccessarily suprisingly considering the source being the BBC and the Discovery Channel) that it is more politically motivated then even necessarily scientifically accurate. I am just wondering if any one has actually refuted the science, for example the time lines. They seem to not ever mention anything existing prior to 6000 years ago which seems to show a very Chrisitan based version of Science. I guess I was just wondering if anyone had noticed this and maybe had more information on it for me.
  3. Congratulations! The July 4th one? That's the only event I'm going to besides the general admission seminars. That's the most I can afford and that's even pushing it. Couldn't miss the cruise though It is a bit absurd isn't it Sorry 'bout that-I'm an emoticon junkie. I just love those little guys.
  4. Its good to see you too and thank you Good to see you too Eric! I'll keep an eye out for you
  5. Hahaha jokes on you-I'm back in DC-that's why I haven't been on much-too busy cavorting about the US Yeah, I'm not familiar with those flight costs at the moment, but I know the hotel where the conference is is going to be very expensive also. I'm looking into local cheap hotels or trying to split costs somehow. Otherwise I really just can't afford it.
  6. I'm interested to know all that are going to be there, but especially girls because the rooms are expensive and it'd be nice to split with somebody. The cost is almost prohibitive, but lucky I don't need to fly there.
  7. I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere and I missed it- but who plans on attending?? Any females wanna be roomies? (Added: Link to OCON - sNerd)
  8. [Emphasis Mine] How very simplistic, "Lifesimpliciter" . You live up to your title. Cheers! Where does "subjectivity" figure in, if at all?
  9. At any rate I changed: "This requires that he not deprive another individual of *his* ability to maintain *his* own life"? to This requires that one not deprive another individual of his ability to maintain his own life. Better?
  10. Well geez, I thought that's what I explained in my essay. Intrinsic implies a negation of context and consequence. Individual Rights are a concept. Concepts demand context. Intrinsic rights or values therefore are a contradiction. See Also The Ayn Rand Lexicon entries for these terms. In the mean time, here's a quick look.
  11. Dominique


    Objectivism does not hold that "what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is *intrinsically* good". In fact I doubt it would hold anything but life as *intrinsically* good. Objectivism holds that what is right (what supports and maintains one's goal of life) is good, and ultimately-pleasant. That is an effect, not a cause-of value judgement.
  12. Agreed- I'm stuck on that topic and let it slip in (tsk tsk)-It has been removed. Again agreed. I took out the first two sentences and replaced them with just this one. The flow is much better. Ok this is what I had done with it prior to reading your post here: "A man can survive alone; he does not need society to survive. However, even when alone, man needs a moral code to guide his action. A code that is focused on the value of his own life as the standard, and reality as perceivable, is the only one which will ensure his survival. If a man, stranded on a desert island, rejects the facts observable by his senses; if he sits back and waits for instinct to tell him how to build a shelter, or a fire; if he waits for the gods to provide him with food, he will not survive long." This comes prior to the statement in question, so I was hoping to set the stage and thereby clarify the idea before they get to it. What do you think? Yeah, I caught that, and I changed it to this: "Once an individual entity is born, he gains protection by the rights granted to other individuals. This means that after birth a parent may not deprive an infant of the ability to sustain its own life, either by abuse, or neglect. [if the parents find themselves unable to support their child after it is born,] there are places established where parents may legally give them up. Before birth there is only one individual, the mother, and she has sovereign control over her own body." Does that help? Again, Thank You soooo much!!! LOL you were like 4 mins behind me. I appreciate it truly. This was a lot harder undertaking than I had expected. Soo many aspects are subsumed under this concept, and non-objectivists are likely to still pick it apart, but at least I straightened a couple things out in my own head
  13. Ok, advice taken. Thanks for the feedback Tom. I've gone ahead and posted the essay on my blog. I edited it from what you see here, but will still welcome feedback (I know I didn't give a lot of time to get feedback before putting it up).
  14. Ok, to avoid further distraction I have done a preliminary editing job. I'd like to get some feedback regarding the content before posting if possible. I have read and re-read and am still somewhat unsatisfied but cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that is bugging me. Thanks again. My apologies for posting in haste without editing first. (Remember the titles are hyperlinked. This is sufficient is it not? Or should I also italicize? Just seems like overkill to have all three, but I'm not sure what the proper method is) [edit: ack, now my paragraphs are merged-separating]
  15. Quite Right. Keen eye. Thanks again.
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