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    I became interested in Objectivism after reading Atlas Shrugged, twice.

    Since then, I’ve seen the first two parts of the movie, and am eagerly awaiting the third installment.

    Furthermore, I’ve begun building re-painting some of the equipment on my S-scale (1:64 scale) model railroad to create both D’Anconia Lead (a division of D’Anconia Resources) and Taggart Transcontinental equipment.
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  1. Nicky whenever you're competing with a girl, if you 'win' then, there's no chance you'll 'win' latter. I'd always rather 'win' latter...
  2. @Ilya, Instead of stating that you "hate" Marxism, you should instead state that you are "a humanitarian who hates a totalitarian philosophy which has led directly to the killing of between 75 and 100 million people in the 20th-century" according to 'The Black Book of Communism' by Stéphane Courtois.
  3. In addition to being a devotee of Objectivism, I'm also a member of an organization dedicated to restoring the freedoms protected by the US Constitution and bringing the power exercised by the Federal Government back in line with the limits set by the US Constitution, namely the T.E.A. Party. At a recent meeting, we invited a political strategist to discuses what is necessary to seek municipal level political office, such as a seat on a town-counsel, and to illustrate how people in these positions can assist those in higher office to pursue a pro-Constitution/limited-government agenda whil
  4. When Atlas Shrugged Part I came out, I managed to get tickets to see it opening night, but knew that I'd have to leave for my security job as soon as the movie ended. However, when I arrived, there was a large group of fellow Objectivists and Atlas Shrugged fans in the theater who already had plans to meet at a local bar after the movie and invited everyone else in the theater to join them. However, I had to leave for work after the movie ended and regret not being able to join these interesting people. When Part II was released, I again managed to get tickets for opening night but th
  5. I need re-paint my trailer-home, which is similar to the trailer in the link below, and was thinking about applying an art-deco/objectivist paint scheme. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble envisioning a good paint scheme. Would any of you have any suggestions? http://www.stevegarufi.com/rush10.jpg (This is NOT my home, but is nearly IDENTICAL, except for the fact that mine was painted white on three sides and I replaced the windows with newer, better windows.) After seeing that, having re-structured his mortgage for the umpteenth time, my dad would not pay off his mortgage u
  6. @Jaskn, I'm a (hobbyist) model builder. I'm currently constructing an 'S' scale (1:64 scale) S/Sn42/Sn3/Sn2 layout that will run between Valdez, AK and Seattle, Washington (using 'scenic compression') along the route of the Alaska Railbelt Marine line.
  7. Greetings, I just wanted to show some of the progress I've made on my first Rearden Steel 1:64 scale (aka 'S'-scale) slag car model. Enjoy;
  8. I HOPE SOMEONE SEES THIS; I promised to post pictures of my Rearden Steel slag car model in the visual arts section and, now that I'm ready to post pictures, the forum says "you cannot start new topics" even though I'm logged in and have done so before... Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  9. Given Ayn Rand’s position on the use of firearms, which can be summed up in her statement that, “those who know that they cannot win by means of logic, have always resorted to guns,” I wonder what she’d think about the fact that I’m adding weight to my Rearden Steel slag cars by filling the crucible with lead bird shot before creating a layer of simulated slag over the top of the birdshot/epoxy slurry? The only slag cars available in ‘S’ scale (1:64 scale) are created by 3D printing and while this technique yields affordable, very finely detailed, railcars, the cars are VERY light and, wit
  10. I recently purchased a Rex S-scale (1:64 scale) 2-4-4T ‘Suburban’ and have decided to letter it to be one of the “old steam engines” that Dagny Taggart sent to operate on the San Sebastián Line and then add that, as the Socialist Government of The Peoples State of Mexico was nationalizing the line, the crew of this particular locomotive made a successful run for the border. Here's a picture of one of the unfinished models (not mine); http://www.nasg.org/Products/LocomotiveType_LVL2_2-4-4T.htm I was hoping to use the Taggart Transcontinental logo I’ve attached with the words ‘San Se
  11. Furthermore, many 'Militant Atheists' are not true Objectivists or non-believers, but have merely substituted their belief in God for a belief in the infallibility of GOVERNMENT and/or certain politicians. These individuals see Judeo/Christian ethics as a barrier to the unlimited power of Government and/or the politician they worship and therefore become anti-Judeo/Christian worshipers of Government while merely calling themselves 'Atheist'. However, while these individuals may call themselves 'Atheist', they hold the same blind faith in and reverence for Government/a Politician as Jew
  12. @StrictlyLogical, While I can not speak for TSA, I define a "militant atheist" as an atheist who feels the (illogical) need to "evangelize" Christians and Jews (but not Muslims, or others) to Atheism. The reason this 'evangelical' behavior is illogical for an Atheist is because, generally, Christianity and Judaism, the primary targets of Militant Atheists, provide a generally sound set of moral principals and a true Atheist should ONLY worry about whether or not people are living by sound moral principals, and not worry about the source of those principals (even if they beLIEve that t
  13. I’m currently building an ‘S’ scale (1:64th scale) 3-D printed model* of a slag car which I intend to letter for Rearden Metal. Do to the inherent lightness of the material, and therefore the lightness of the car itself, I’m going to have to fill the crucible with lead weight and conceal that weight under a layer of simulated slag in order to keep this model on the track. Since I intend to make this a Rearden Metal slag car, I was wondering if any of you had any theories regarding the appearance and color of Rearden Metal slag??? Steal slag is orange when hot and black when cool.
  14. Well, I also 'like cats', and have rescued five of the cuties (Double, Trouble, Chaos, Kylie, and Sang [Korean for 'Twin']), who subquently 'adopted' me. So, since I 'like cats', my girlfriend 'likes cats', and Rand 'likes cats', then all the Objectivists I know or know of 'like cats', which makes sence since cats are the feircly indpendent 'Objectivists' of the animal world (I remember the History Channel show 'Life After People' stating that cats are the ONLY domesticated animal that would survive unchanged if people were to vanish/die off)...
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