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  1. Take the new equivalence 2Ghv/c(log) and solve a Schwarzschild metric for the destructive interference in star light. The destructive interference in starlight is the information of a black hole and our sun has one...
  2. I am not sure if this can be pulled off with our current equipment... but I need spectral analysis of star light passing through the radio source in SN1006 at RA 15 02 36 DEC -41 53 01, the Zeeman Effect is what I am after... Also, a uniform weak Zeeman effect should be present in all star light emanating from elliptical galaxies, globular clusters, and the recently discovered globular galaxies.
  3. The Objectivist forum is actually very cool btw... As an autodidact, I get censored on Cosmoquest, Cloudynights, and a number of other not so "free thinking" web sites...
  4. Bah decided to make a website... http://www.simulationism.net/
  5. To overcome the inherent mediocrity of humanity fully, we will need to give up what it means to be human. Then, ye shall be as Gods, or the universe is inherently irrational. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154426870925436&set=a.10153035625955436.1073741826.654950435&type=1&theater
  6. Oops https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154426870925436&set=a.10153035625955436.1073741826.654950435&type=1&theater
  7. I have noticed recently that many specifics that I could find useful have been getting left out of such articles... particularly a rough mass calculation... I have two models on the table now and observations greatly influence which geometry I should be going with. Right now I am sticking with intuition...
  8. Regarding the coordinates for SN1006 listed above, there is something especially telling at 4850MHz. Being it is a double progenitor deflagration event, can anyone here tell me what might be so special about this emission?
  9. SN1006 needs a closer look at RA 15h02m36s Dec -41deg53m01s
  10. Thanks for the link, I am taking a closer look at this. I really need a rough mass calculation for both... The term "Super massive black hole" is used far too generically.
  11. I have been away awhile, been working on stuff... I suppose I am techically a Simulationist as opposed to a Objectivist Diest. Just more stuff to figure out as I go.. Take the CMBR map and apply it to a sphere. Distort the sphere until the thermal gradient reaches an equilibrium. The shape revealed is the geometry of non temporal mass when temporal energy states are assigned. Improved mapping of the CMBR should lead to a better model and unification with the Higgs Field. Mature eliptical galaxies should have only one dominating parent super massive black hole at the glactic core. If a new black hole were to form anywhere within the sphere of its non temporal mass influence, it would not be around for long. Why? Black holes are temporally neutral states of mass at temporally perceived infinite gravity simultaneously representing non temporal mass which is not governed by the inverse square law. This is due to the fact that non temporal mass being represented by the temporally neutral black hole and is outside our temporal horizon. Non-temporal mass occupying a temporal volume and temporally neutral state of mass represented by the black hole are also both reflections of one another. Tidal or some other interaction between 2 non temporal masses will be reflected in the temporally neutral horizon of the black holes represented. Sufficient distortion of the temporally neutral horizon will lead to temporally perceived singularity failure and the synthesis of all elements currently attributed to primordial big bang Nucleosynthesis. Non temporal mass is the force we perceive as magnetism occupying a volume of vacuum space and eventually gets compacted into a star core dynamo. While temporally neutral mass is represented by 2GM/c^2 = Rs (Schwarzschild Radius), the non temporal mass mass reflection is 2GM/c = Rv (Vick Radius). If any gravitational lensing were to occur, it would be created by the non temporal mass being represented and not the temporally neutral horizon at the gravitational radius. That is your glactic scale dark matter and the temporally perceived effect of dark energy is the result of the universe consuming temporal mass. Another bit of creepiness, vacuum space seems to be able to tell the difference between temproal and non temporal mass whereas we are observers cannot. The question now becomes, how much distortion can a temporally neutral horizon handle? The answer is in the CMBR map. And in other news... http://www.nature.com/news/stephen-hawking-there-are-no-black-holes-1.14583 To shut me up, just find a single eliptical galaxy with indirect evidence that more than one black hole is present anywhere within it. OR... If anyone is bored, I could use a gamma ray burst event list and count where the proginator galaxy is an eliptical. I need event duration and everything. The supermassive black holes mass can be scrounged up later. There are many other exercises that could done along these lines if one is willing to consider what I have been arguing for seriously.
  12. I assume you agree with the chronological history of the universe listed here give or take? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronology_of_the_universe Everything preceding recombination is a concoction of man that poorly describes everything that follows, even if you throw in the mysterious dark energy and dark matter. Without telling my life story I will explain simply why I do not have a physics degree and why I really did not want one. In 1996 I switched undergrad majors to physics only to find a school filled with irrational close minded demagogues. Old men supporting old ideas who reacted with complete dismissiveness toward good questions based on observation. (particularly hubble space telescope observations being made at that time). A dismissive elitist professor was not a service I was willing to pay for nor the kind of person I wanted to risk becoming myself. So, I am an outsider with a rather extensive library and the internet has been invaluable. Good observations make for good reasoning, good reasoning can lead to good questions, good questions can lead to good problems, and good problem can lead to good math, and good math can lead to a better model. Assumptions at any point along that path will lead to contradiction and disaster. I sought ultimate answers to ultimate questions and after 30 years I now have a problem worth solving. I might be wrong, I might get scooped, but I assure you that the 8th possible solution to the black hole information paradox is on the correct path to a correct ultimate answer. The other 7 possible solutions are listed here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_information_paradox if you do not recall what they are. When I tried to share my ideas the demagogues of irrational consensus they did not attempt to refute my arguments or ideas, they performed an disingenuous inquisition. Perhaps that is all my ideas were worthy of at this stage. When not attacking me personally, my lack of credentials were highlighted as if that were grounds for one not being allowed to have good ideas. This is among the weakest forms of refutation possible. By the end, I was inspired me to create a diagram to depict how low the demagogues were willing to go http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c97_1375592171 The advantage of being an outsider is that I can "Just Do It" while the disadvantage is that nobody of perceived power has to listen to or acknowledge my ideas. The funny thing is, there is no escaping truth and in that sense I know I have laid a perfect trap. Assuming others are capable, they will need to do what I suggest to get the ultimate answers being sought. Outsiders are never correct about anything ever right? In my philosophical argument I use words in effort to put black holes into a philosophical context where they can be fully understood by a sapient life form. Arguing a new context for certain terms is my method for arguing for a new way of thinking about a problem. There are instances where I have used terms that are clear to me but I have poorly defined them for others. A good example of this is my use of the term "duality". I use "duality" to describe anything observed temporally from a non infinite temporally perceived gravitational radius. There was quite a bit a hype regarding the gas blob interacting with Sagitarius A last year, nothing has been reported for months... I wonder if what is being observed matches the animations of predicted behavior...
  13. I moved, have been busy studying, and working on improvements to my argument and model... special thanks to Google for some free helpful stuff... Doing my best to not get scooped... The LISA satellite launch has been postponed until 2016. I am pretty sure they are waiting for advanced LIGO to detect anything the way they expect to...
  14. Black hole horizons are a temporally neutral state of mass which apply pauli exclusion principle at the temporal gravitational radius. Black hole horizons will apply the pauli exclusion principle to any matter, binary black holes (2 temporally neutral states of matter) at the binary orbital velocity of the speed of light will undo the pauli exclusion principle based on black hole mass but only for hydrogen, helium, lithium, and deuterium until the temporal entropy horizon if a black hole is deterministically emptied out. This will leave behind only a non temporal horizon which is magnetism in a volume of space in the form of non temporal mass. Stars will form in a magnetized volume of space by compacting it into their core dynamo. Sufficient star core mass density can re establish the temporally neutral state in the form of a black hole...
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