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  1. I would like to sharpen my comments on your wet-stone. Those that engage with me cannot be quelled with a pointed question... Perhaps my questions have blunted edges )
  2. How do you know an Objectavist is out going? They look at your shoes when they talk to you.
  3. Gee I went from member to Novice with that question... Strictlylogical - I do not believe they are evil, I do not see their actions as pernicious. I just think they are wrong, Although this topic seems to have lost its original thread...
  4. So are the second handers to be considered evil? They truly believe they are doing good and we are in fact doing evil by not taking care of everyone else...
  5. "Given that you said the majority of the population wasn't happy with the degenerating political scene, do you think the country would have even needed saved?" - Jaskn I may have missed what you are saying here but America's last election there was a 10% approval rating for Congress, there was a 90% re-election of the imcumbence.. This says to me that we are not happy with the degenerating political scene... And that we can't yet figure out how to beat the system... When our politicians keep setting themselves up to win, its a painful road for those that fight, but don't quit.
  6. "If Galt had just withdrawn from the world after the Starnes' took over the factory, had withdrawn his new motor technology but had not set out on a mission to convince others to do the same, there would have been no real effect from his one-man strike. The strike isn't practical without his mission to convice every person of ability to join him, and an equivalent strike in the real world would be just as ineffective. For someone like Rearden, it's either throwing himself into political activism to save his own country, or moving to another one that isn't as far gone." - Dante As a count
  7. "Concerning error, consider that when you drive, many of the errors that you make do not result in accidents. Even the roads are forgiving." I like that. I was told by a devoubt Bapist, in refernce to Hurricane Katrina, It missed us and hit them because we are better people than those sinners. To me that answers your question... Holier that though people make off hte cuff remarks like that without thinking hey people died there.
  8. As a first time poster I would like to say hello to everyone... And go right ahead and kiss up, I love the question and everyone's answers. I believe that the character of Rearden would have attempted to actually make a difference, joining with other great “Doers” and attempted to sway the popular opinion instead of tucking his tail and running to a mountain hide out. I believe Francisco would have ended up joining him in this endeavor, along with Wyatt. These three strong players along with financial leadership in Midas Milligan could have forced some policy changes. Policies es
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