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  1. Today I arranged an encounter with an escort, my first time doing so, with the full awareness that it was an act of evasion. Although she was a very attractive young woman, and I am a healthy young adult male not suffering from any form of ED, I did not get aroused during the session. Her breasts, though real and spectacular, were nothing more than meaningless rubbery mounds of flesh in my hands, and I felt ridiculous and embarrassed as I touched them, as would if I was groping a mannequin at the mall in view of the other shoppers. I felt nothing even as she performed oral sex on me, during the middle of which I decided to dismiss myself without doing anything more. Do you think my Objectivist philosophical convictions prevented me fromf feeling sexual desire for the girl?
  2. Sorry if this post seems crass...that's not my intent. but anyway. I have never seen boobs IRL before and really want to. Since a willing girl is not currently available to me, I have been considering hiring an escort. My goals for the encounter would simply be to view, feel and play with her tittays, but I would NOT want to do full service. So today I looked up a reviewed escort with a good repuation and acceptable boobs in my area who does outcalls and talked to her on the phone. She agreed to come and I told her I would text her my address, but when I hung up, I just couldn't do it. I'm just uncomfortable with the idea of sitting there intimately gawking and touching someone I don't even know and wouldn't like if I did. I would be so nervous, and possibly so disgusted with myself that I might not even be able to get aroused. The fakeness of it would ruin it for me, and if I did get aroused, I'd be afraid that I would decide to go for full service in the heat of the moment, and then be totally disgusted with myself the moment it was over. It will also cost $180 to get her out here (she charges the 1 hr rate minimum for outcalls), and even though this particular hooker has a good reputation, I'm scared of pimps/bodyguards if she has one, and scared of the sex industry in general. So it's been half an hour since I talked to her and I still haven't send her my address yet and probably won't. What's your guys' opinion on this?
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