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  1. Can't be any worse than arguing on the internet + I'd be getting paid for it.
  2. I've realized that what I really want to do in life is promote the ideas I'm passionate about. The trouble is figuring out in what capacity I could do that. I don't think I'm cut out to be an intellectual, especially not a college professor. I'm a fair communicator and can write clearly on subject that I know about, but my writing lacks "sparkle" and I'm not a quick thinker or super articulate speaker when it comes to explaining things and dissecting opposing arguments off the top of my head like Yaron Brook does when he gives talks and participates in debates. I wish I could do so, but don't
  3. I can't seem to find a definitive definition of fascism and can barely stand to look for one anymore, because all the descriptions of it I've read are obviously written by leftists who want to associate it with corporations and capitalism. Is there a set of essential characteristics that Objectivists ascribe to fascism, or can I conclude that 'fascist' is simply something that certain political 20th century political parties called themselves and that liberals call Republicans now?
  4. I'm fascinated with bioengineering due to the amazing and all-important things it can potentially accomplish. The problem is that everything I know about myself suggests that I have no chance to succeed in the field. At 31, I have nothing in my history that points toward any talent for science or engineering. During my one year of college, I did not excel at math and science coursework. I took an aptitude test a year ago to provide career guidance and scored low in the faculties supposedly required for technical work. Do you think I should ignore my pattern and self-knowledge and take math and
  5. Since I've been at a total loss for what career to pursue, I decided to take the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation aptitude test (www.jocrf.org), which has a reputation for accurately revealing one's natural cognitive strengths and weaknesses and providing invaluable insight for educational and career decisions. The test took six hours over two days and cost almost $700. Here are my results: So the only area in which I excel is what they call "ideaphoria," or the ability to generate a rapid flow of ideas, which is supposedly valuable in careers such as writing, teaching, and sales. T
  6. I'm failry attached to the town I grew up in and don't want to leave even though there is not much opportunity here and my odds of economic success would be better in places that I would less rather be. It is irrational to stay anyway?
  7. For ~5 years I have been incapable of making major decisions. I struggle even with small decisions, but the big ones bring me to my knees. It seems like it should be just a matter of volition, deciding something, but for whatever reason my brain does not seem to allow me to do so and it feels beyond my control. Every time I try to make a decision, my mind quickly overrides whatever decision I make, and I'm back to my hopeless state of paralysis. For years, I have been totally stuck and made no progress in life thanks to being paralyzed with indecision. I am 30 years old and work a menial job t
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